Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 Review

Well I reviewed the original Lunarepic Low Flyknit a few weeks ago. And today we’ve got the newer version that dropped a few days ago the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2. Just like what adidas has done with their ultra boost, Nike got one of their most comfortable shoes, revised the upper a little and made it a new shoe.  So how does it compare? Lets find out. 

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First up is price, the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 retail for $160. which is $20 cheaper than the Ultraboost 3.0. for that price youre getting a very comparable shoe and saving 20 bucks. They also come in 5 color ways. Personally I really like those green ones. Comment bellow and let me know which color way you like best. You can pick these guys up over at finish line and get free shipping. Link for this is in the description below. 

The difference between the original Lunarepic low Flyknit and the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 is the construction of the upper. Its now a one solid piece bootie construction which is very similar to the ultra boost. the one piece bootie construction fixes the biggest issue the original Lunarepic had which was a constantly shifting tongue. The bootie construction also essentially makes this shoe a slip on. you don't even have to tie your laces when you’re wearing them casually. But when you do tighten these shoes lockdown is amazing thanks to Nike’s fly wire system. if you don't know already, fly wire is specific to nike and essentially wraps around the upper of the shoe and helps give you a snug fit. the Upper of the shoe is also very breathable and light weight because of the fly knit. As the name implies, Fly knit is a knit material very similar to Adidas's prime knit. But since Nike fly knit isn't as stretchy as adidas’s prime knit your feet feel more secure in the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 when you run in them. The heel counter on the Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 has also been revised from the original. they now have a fused overlay which makes it a little stiffer and keeps your heel in place better when you wear them. Also on the back of the heel counter theres a little hit of 3m so people at night can see you if you like to run at night. Inside the shoe theres an ortholite insole. honestly its pretty flimsy and cheap, I think nike should have dropped in a better insole. 

Whether you get the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit or the NIKE LUNAREPIC LOW FLYKNIT 2 you still get the same mid sole. which honestly is probably the main reason why you would get these shoes. first up theres no proper outsole on these shoes so traction is ok at best. they preform best when they're on the pavement. the midsole is made up by two different materials. the outer or white layer is your standard foam. and the green portion of the shoe is the actual lunarlon. Lunarlon isn't as soft as adidas’s ultra boost material, which might interest you if you’re looking for something a little stiffer to run on. there are some people like myself that absoutly love boost, but there are some other people don't like it as much by they feel its a little too squishy. on the side of the sole you will notice these groves, and thats there to give the foam layer a little more compressibility to keep up with the lunarlon. And on the bottom of the shoe you will see nike’s flex pod system. If theres one thing Nike is good at its engineering these super stylized outsoles.  The flex pod system is very unique and you notice them the moment you put on these shoes. The flex pods are placed strategically on the shoe so that they can absorb as much energy as they can when you run. but fair warning, i have heard that gravel and salt like to get wedged in between the groves of the flex pods causeing them to leave a trail of debris when they eventually fall out. 

The lunarlon and flex pod system give the Lunarepic a very unique feel when you put them on and you can really feel them working when you go out for run in these. when it comes the fit the Lunarepic 2 feel exactly the same as the Original lunar epic. If you do decide to pick up a pair of these shoe you will be just fine going true to size. Over all Nike did a great job of getting a great shoe and revising it to make an amazing shoe. The only complaints i have about the lunar epic 2 is the salt and gravel getting wedged into the flex pod grooves and the cheap insole. But other than that they have a very clean silhouette that can be worn as a life style shoe and if you do want to wear these while running the fly wire system really gives you the lock down youre looking for. something the ultra boost cage cant really do as well. They're light weight and breathable thanks to the flyknit. but in short, they're a great alternaitve to the ultra boost.      

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