How To Get Six Pack Abs

Well spring is here and that means summer is right around the corner. This also means there is a good amount of people working on getting six pack abs for the beach. So whats the fastest way to get a six pack? Can you just spot remove fat and only focus on developing your core? The GYMCADDY Team has you covered. 

First lets start with the basics. If you’re new to the gym just know that you can’t spot remove fat. Just because you go to the gym and only workout your core it doesn't mean you will get six pack abs. So instead of going to the gym and doing a mess of planks, crunches, and hogging the ab crunch machine, you should focus on doing total body workouts at least. You can start off with our beginner’s work routine

There’s a saying about six pack abs and its “Abs are made in the kitchen”. And its completely true. No matter how hard you workout, how strong your core is, how thick your abs are, if you want chiseled or defined abs to show you need to lower your body fat. Its as simple as that. for the most part abs will start to show for men when they are around or under 12% body fat while women need to get around or under 18% body fat. People with a more developed core will start to show abs earlier than does with weaker abs. 

So you have accepted that in order to have six pack abs you need to lose some weight and also have to develop your core. So here are some ab exercises ideas and dieting tips to help you get that six pack. First up, your abs are just like any other muscle. They need to be worked out in order to develop. Doing only crunches and planks wont cut it after awhile. But did you know you can get a pretty solid core workout from doing exercises you might already be doing? Compound exercises like the Squat, Dumb Bell Bench Press, and Dead Lift are amazing core building exercises if you do them belt-less. Obviously you need to make sure your form is good and actually wear a belt when its deemed necessary. But if you’re going to rep out a few with good form then they can really help with your core development. In order to help you with your weight loss you can do a few tricks. First its stop drinking your calories. Instead replace all of your fruit and sport drinks with water. I know drinking only water can get annoying and boring, so thats why I like drinking seltzer water instead. You can also throw in some flavor into your seltzer by using zero calorie flavor syrups like Mio, or just adding in some lemon and lime juice. 

Just remember, you cant spot reduce fat so don't waste your time just focusing on abdominal exercises when you go to the gym. Instead, do full body workouts if you’re new to the gym. Abs are made in the kitchen, so you need to make sure you’re at a low enough body fat percentage to show abs in the first place. If your body fat percentage is low enough but you’re still not showing abs, then you’ll want to develop your abs by doing compound exercises that will indirectly grow your abs. 

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