Beats X Vs Powerbeats 3

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Powerbeats 3 Pros Beats X Pros
12 Hour Battery Life Slightly Better Sound Quality
Earhooks Keeps Them In Place 24x7 Great For Casual Use
Water Resistant Uses Apple's Lighting Port

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In the red corner, with an almost 3 feet long cable but hey thats just an estimate! its the fashionably late Beats X! And in the other corner with the battery life that just wont quit its the tried and true Powerbeats 3! Now that the Beats X are finally available everybody and their shadow is asking if they should get the new kid on the block Beats X or just go with the Powerbeats 3. And the answer is… follow your heart. Ok End of video bye… 

beats X Black

No No No I'm kidding. it really comes down to what you’re planning on using them for. But for a lot of people price is the ultimate deciding factor. The Beats X currently retail for $149.95 and they come in 4 different colors. On The other hand you can pick up the Black Powerbeats 3 for $149.99 with free shippingfrom Amazon. Link for that is in the description below. But if you want the multicolored Powerbeats 3 then those will cost you $200 dollars. 

These ear phones do have some similarities between them. The most important one is that they both have Apple’s new W1 Chip. The new W1 chip helps with battery performance, and allows for extremely easy pairing with apple devices. once either earphone pairs with your iPhone they’ll automatically pair with all other devices associated to your i cloud account. which means you can easily switch from your iPhone to your mac without having to constantly pair your earphones. Another feature they share is fast fuel. You can get 2 hours of play back time from just five minutes of charging on the beats x or you can get 1 hour of play back time from 5 minutes of charging on the Powerbeats 3. 

Beats X Headphone
Powerbeats 3 Headphone

The biggest difference between the Powerbeats 3 and Beats X is the form factor. The Beats X are long, and wrap around your neck. They’re light weight and flexible so wearing them isn't an issue. The beats x are great for wearing almost anywhere, whether youre out and about, at office or at the gym. They also include some wing tips for a more secure fit if you need them. The Powerbeats 3 on the other hand have a completely different form factor and have ear hooks. No matter what you’re doing or how intense your workout is, the Powerbeats 3 will not fall out of your ears. Although both earphones are considered in ear earphones, they do fit differently. The beats x go in a little deeper into your ear canal and create a much better seal which result in far superior passive noise isolation. which might interest you if you plan on wearing these on your morning commute to work. The smaller form factor on the Powerbeats 3 on the other hand make them much more comfortable to work out in. Also keep in mind the Powerbeats 3 are water and dust resistant while the Beats X are not. 

Beats X Colorways

Although both of these earphones are beats by dre products, they don't sound the same. After listening to the same songs from the same source back to back i have to say i prefer the sound quality from the Beats X over the Powerbeats 3. Compared to the Powerbeats 3, the beats x have a more neutral sound. They aren't flat… but they aren't as bass heavy as the Powerbeats 3. So if sound quality is what you’re interested in then go for the Beats X. 

Black Powerbeats 3

Battery life is also a factor when deciding between the beats x and Powerbeats 3. As mentioned earlier, both earphones feature fast fuel. which is a great feature to have if you constantly forget to charge your earphones like i do. But on a full charge the Powerbeats 3 can get you full 12 hours. where as the beats x have a maximum battery life of 8 hours. also, the way you charge these earphones is different too. Since Apple engineers designed the beats x from the ground up, the beats x charge via a lighting port. which means you can use the same cable to charge your iPhone and ear phones. on the other hand, the Powerbeats 3 charge via a micro usb cable. which means you have to keep track of another cable. 

Beats X Review

So which should you get? If you’re looking for something to exclusively workout in, not have to worry about your ear buds falling out under any circumstances, something water resistant or want something with a long battery life then get the Powerbeats 3. But if you want something you can wear casually, at the office, at home or something that sounds pretty good then get the beats x. But just remember, no matter which one you choose apple still wins.

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