How To Boost Your Metabolism

For many people their metabolism can determine their body weight when growing up. Your metabolism is also a product of your genes. Some people have fast metabolisms which allow them to seemingly eat what ever they want and not gain weight, while other people have slower metabolisms resulting in weight gain or making weight loss harder. Naturally, people who are trying to lose weight will be interested in boosting their metabolism. But can it be done? The GYMCADDY Team will tell you how to boost your metabolism. 

First lets start with the most common question concerning boosting your metabolism which is “does eating multiple meals increase metabolism” and the short answer is no. Eating multiple small meals through out the day will not boost your metabolism,  studies have shown eating multiple small meals throughout the day isn't that different from eating larger meals. Eating multiple smaller meals simply helps prevent some people from over eating. Besides, having to prep 5 different meals and sitting down to eat those 5 meals every single day is just too the consuming if you ask me. I have things to do! Also, another popular myth out there is that drinking more water throughout the day will also help boost your metabolism. This is also not true. Drinking lots of water a day will help with preventing you from eating when you’re bored and keep you satiated longer. 

Ok, so eating small meals frequently and drinking lots of water wont magically boost your metabolism, so what will?! Well one sure fire way to boost your metabolism is to increase your muscle mass. By increasing your muscle mass you will then increase your BMR or your Basal Metabolic Rate. Asking you to increase your muscle mass shouldn't be too bad because thats probably why you’re visiting this site. Another thing to consider is also the themro-effect of eating food. When you consume calories your body also needs to expend energy in order to break down those calories into something useful. Protein requires more energy, and in turn more calories to break down. So consuming more protein in your diet instead of carbs or fats will help you lose a little more weight without doing much. 

Another way to increase your metabolism is just through your workout routine. Doing workout routines that are mostly comprised of compound movements will help boost your metabolism for a few hours after you’re done working out. Doing a small amount of high intensity cardio after your main workout can also help increase your metabolism for a few hours as well. Over all if you want to increase your metabolism, you will also need to increase your daily energy expenditure. AKA just move more. Even doing just a little slow paced cardio like going for a walk can increase your metabolism. 

So in conclusion, if you want to increase your metabolism you need to do a few things. First you need to increase your muscle mass so that your Basal Metabolic Rate goes up. You also should replaces a few of your calories from fats and carbs to protein because protein requires more energy to break down. You also should start doing more cardio and workout routines that focus mainly on compound movements. And like we said earlier, eating small frequent meals and drinks lots of water wont increase your metabolism. They will help with other aspects in weight loss like keep you satiated and prevent you from over eating, but they wont increase your metabolism.

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