Audbos DB-01 And DB-02 Review

well apple has gone all in with wireless earphones with the introduction of their new W1 chip. they also have a different type of wireless earphone style for almost every type of consumer. But there are some people that still prefer wired earphones or ear buds for a few reasons. Those reasons could either be for sound quality, not having to worry about battery life, connective issues or even just price. And today we’ve got the Audbos DB-01 and DB-02 for review. 

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Disclaimer here, Audbos did send these over for review, but my review and thoughts on these products are solely my own. With that being said, you can pick up the the DB-02 for 59.99 or you can pick up the DB-01 for 47.99 over at amazon. there are a few subtle differences between the two and i’ll get into that in just a second. Link to pick these guys up is in the description. 

Unboxing both of these earphones is basically identical. the packaging is nice and once you remove the lid youre greeted by the earphones them selves and 2 pairs of extra silicon ear tips. under all of that you will also find a hard shell carrying case. and inside the carrying case you'll find another pair of silicon ear tips, and a pair of foam ear tips. all in all, in either box youre getting the wired earbuds, a total of 4 silicon ear tips, one pair of foam ear tips, and a carrying case that puts both beats by dre and jaybirds to shame. 

From a design standpoint, both of these earbuds are gorgeous. theres real metal and wood on these guys. the wire on the other hand does seem a little thin and likes to get tangled up a lot if you leave these earbuds in your pocket for awhile. Both of these ear buds also have the same in line controller on them. its just this cool metal cylinder with 3 buttons on the front and a mic on the back. the buttons them selves are well laid out, they have a very satisfying click to them, and work just fine with both apple and android devices. i just wish they had a little separation between them or a raised texture on them so you can tell them apart a little better by just touch. 

Both of these guys come with standard 3.5 mm head phone jacks. sound quality wise both of these ear phones sound really good. they are very clear across the whole spectrum and they have a very punchy base. they are both very loud as well. sound quality between the DB-01 and DB-02 is slightly different. the sound stage on the on the DB-02 is a little wider and the range is little more dynamic. Both of these ear buds are in ear ear buds and create a good enough seal that provides passive noise isolation. Like i mentioned earlier you also get a total of 4 pairs of silicon ear tips so you can make them fit just right. they also have foam ear tips that creat an even better seal. but just keep in mind, these foam ear tips are not as comfortable as the comply ear tips that come with jaybirds. and they get itchy after awhile. the design of the bud on the DB-01 and DB-02 is also slightly different. the DB-01 have a simpler linear design which manage to get deep into your ear canal without any issues. the DB-02 on the other hand have a more refined design. they are also angled which means the buds can still get deep into your ear canal but the rest of the bud sits better in your ear which results in sightly more comfort. 

Whether you decide to go with the DB-01 or the DB-02 you still get the same hard shell carrying case. which honestly is much better than the silicon coin purse you get with either the Powerbeats 3 or Beats X. and its also better than the carrying pouch you get with Jaybird X3. Theres also a mesh liner on the inside of the case where you can store your lightning to head phone jack adapter if you have an iPhone 7. 

Yes the future is wireless, but there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. Especially when it comes to the sound quality and sound fidelity department. which is why there are some people that still prefer to use wired ear buds. some people also just use wired ear buds because they don't want to shell out $150 for beats x or Powerbeats and for 59.99 or 47.99 youre getting pretty solid sounding ear phones.  and they are also very nice to look at. the one gripe i do have about both of these ear buds is the wire itself. I'm just a little worried its too thin. if Audbos has a DB-03 in the works i would like to see something with a durable rope wire, and a slightly revised inline controller.

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