Nike Lunarepic Low Flynite Review

The NIKE LUNAREPIC LOW FLYKNIT 2 dropped a few weeks ago and they are a slight redesign from the original Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit Running Shoes. The main difference between the two is the upper, but they still share the same mid sole. And since the LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 are now out, that means you can save some bucks with the original version. 

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You can currently pick up the multicolor color way for $119.98 over at finish line with free shipping. Or if you really want a bargain you can pick up the black color way for $99.98. All things considered, thats a really good price since the newer version retails for $160.00. review on those coming soon. 

As the name implies the Nike LunarEpic Lows is a low top shoe that doesn't have the huge sock liner like the originals did. The original design was polorizing at best, but personally i didnt mind it. the upper of the shoe is constructed by flyknit which is similar but different from Adidas’s prime knit. Flyknit is as breathable as prime knit, but it is no where as near as stretchy as prime knit. The less elastic cloth upper means a snug fit when you put on the shoe. Something that some runners will prefer over prime knit. Weaved within the flyknit it self is also nike’s fly wire system. Fly wire is specific to nike and it does a really good job when it comes to lock down when you tie your shoes. its far superior than adidas’s cage found on the ultra boost. also theresand extra lace loop if you want to make a lace lock for that extra lock down. The flyknit upper also means this shoe is very light weight.


One big issue i do have with the upper of this shoe is the tongue. since the tongue it self is a separate piece it does tend to shift when walking or running. its also very thin and doesn't provide any padding, so if you really tighten your laces all of that pressure goes to your instep. I dont know what it is about nike but they really just love using thin tongues on their shoes. this is the same issue i had with the romaleos 3.  but at least the heel counter on this shoe actaully keeps your feet in place when you walk in them. and lastly theres a little hit of 3m on the back of the shoe so people can see you if you run at nite. but for safety reasons you should really be wearing more reflective materials if you’re running at nite. 

whether you get the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit or the NIKE LUNAREPIC LOW FLYKNIT 2 you still get the same mid sole. which honestly is probably the main reason why you would get these shoes. first up theres no proper outsole on these shoes so traction is ok at best. they preform best when they're on the pavement. the midsole is made up by two different materials. the outer or white layer is your standard foam. and the green portion of the shoe is the actual lunarlon. Lunarlon isn't as soft as adidas’s ultra boost material, which might interest you if you’re looking for something a little stiffer to run on. there are some people like myself that absoutly love boost, but there are some other people don't like it as much by they feel its a little too squishy.


on the side of the sole you will notice these groves, and thats there to give the foam layer a little more compressibility to keep up with the lunarlon. And on the bottom of the shoe you will see nike’s flex pod system. If theres one thing Nike is good at its engineering these super stylized outsoles.  The flex pod system is very unique and you notice them the moment you put on these shoes. The flex pods are placed strategically on the shoe so that they can absorb as much energy as they can when you run. but fair warning, i have heard that gravel and salt like to get wedged in between the groves of the flex pods causeing them to leave a trail of debris when they eventually fall out. 

over all the NIKE LUNAREPIC LOW FLYKNIT is a great shoe for anyone looking for something a little firmer to run in. they are also a neutral shoe with a 4mm heel drop. they are also light weight and comfortable thanks to their flyknit upper. concerning size you can just go true to size.  since flyknit isn't as stretchy as prime knit your feet will be snug and secured when running. if you do decide to go with the black color way from finish line you are getting a lot of technology for one hundred bucks.

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