Adidas NMD R2 Review

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Since some of you really enjoyed my Ultraboost 3.0 review from a few weeks ago, i thought it would be a good idea to review the Adidas NMD R2. Like I said in my Ultraboost review, the boost midsole is so comfortable i don't want to wear anything but boost. So i didnt just pick up one pair of NMD R2… I got two! Seriously if you've never worn boost, its going to change the way you look at shoes. 

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So love them or hate them the NMD R2 is an evolution from the original NMD that dropped last year. Im still working on getting the NMD OG. Gone are the signature plugs that were imbedded in the mid sole of the shoe in favor for a much cleaner design. Some people like it and others didn't take to the removal of the plugs too kindly. But don't worry, theres still a plug on the medial side of the shoe which is much larger than before. This plug really helps with arch support. 

The outsole of the shoe is colored green which really tie the shoe together. The outsole on this shoe isn't continental rubber like on the Ultraboost 3.0, and it isn't as sticky. Moving up the shoe is the famous boost mid sole. Just as you'd expect its super comfortable to wear. So what is boost and what makes it so special? Well quoting Mikal Peveto who's the Sr director for running over at adidas “Boost is a highly elastic thermo plastic urethane that is formed into an elliptical shaped foam pellet which is super soft but also springy” these pellets are then fused together into a molded shape like the midsole. The super soft but also springy characteristics of boost really help reduce the amount of energy lost when you're running. So you can essentially run the same distance you would usually run with less effort or run farther with the same amount of effort as you would in another pair of shoes. SCIENCE! 

Moving up the shoe we’ve got the prime knit upper. Its thicker than the upper of the original NMD, but its thinner and more flexible then the prime knit upper from the UltraBoost 3.0. The prime knit has a raised textured design and you can feel each black line on the shoe. over all I'm a fan of the pattern on this shoe cause it gives it this swirl or sense of motion. on the back of the shoe we’ve got a suede olive heel counter and we also have a pull tab with “The Brand With 3 Stripes” in various languages. 

There are no plastic eyelets for the laces like there were on the OG NMD, but instead the laces just weave through the fabric like the yeezys. Personally i don't mind it, we’re just going to have to wait and see how they stand up to normal wear and tear. And finally we've got the sock liner which have always been pretty polarizing with consumers. I’ll admit, it did take some getting used to when i first put on the shoes, but afterwards you forget its even there. 

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So how do they fit? Well they run true to size and are very comfortable. its almost like youre wearing socks that happen to have a sole underneath. the midsole isn't as soft as the ultra boost, but i personally prefer these over the ultra boost. I find the ultra boost midsole is just a little TOO soft for my liking. Whether youre wearing this shoes for casual wear or for running you cant go wrong. The one issue i do have with these shoes is the back portion of the sole. Since its so long I always find my heel getting caught on stairs whenever I walk down them. Its a little annoying to be honest. But since they're so stylish and comfortable I’ll put up with it. 

Remember, you don't have to pay a premium to enjoy the benefits of boost. You can pick up the Boost ZG for $120 on finish line. trust me, when you wear a pair of boost, you wont want to go back.

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