Nike Metcon 3 Vs Reebok Crossfit Nano 7

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Reebok Nano 7 or Nike Metcon 3, Nike Metcon 3 or Reebok Nano 7?! Thats what you might be thinking right now if you’re in the market for a pair of new crossfit shoes. Its no Apple Vs Android dilemma, but a dilemma none the less. Should you go with the tried and tested Reebok Nano or should you go with the new kid on the block Nike Metcon? Well its not an easy answer, but I’ll hold your hand and help you through this life changing decision. 

At the time of this recording you can pick up the Nike Metcon 3 on Amazon for $130 with free shipping. Or you can pick up the Nano 7 directly from Reebok for $129.99 with free shipping as well. Links for both shoes are in the description below. 

Ok first thing first, if you're souls concerned with style and comfort and noting else then the Nike Metcon 3 is your best option. The Nike Metcon 3 is leaps and bound much more comfortable than the Reebok Nano 7. the Metcon 3’s sole and upper are extremely flexible compared to the Nano 7. As is stated in my Nano 7 review, the Nano’s are extremely narrow in the toe box. And the Nano Weave on these shoes doesn't flex all to well which causes some discomfort. So if you've got wider feet you've got to go with the Metcon 3 by default. And it doesn't hurt that the Metcon 3 look pretty bad ass compared to the Nano 7. Round 1 goes to Metcon. 

Now if you’re looking for a durable shoe, then you’l want to consider the Reebok Nano 7. Although the Nano weave dosent flex too well like i just mentioned, its extremely durable.  You can rub this shoe’s upper on any surface and not have to worry about it getting worn out or torn. If you’re looking for something to run a tough mudder in the Nano 7 is your best bet. 

The beautiful thing about fitness is anyone can tailor their training regiment to their exact liking. If you're an athlete that likes todo a lot of circuit training, bodyweight exercises, agility drills, or plyometric exercises then i think the Metcon 3 is a good option for you. although they are pretty low profile and don't offer much ankle support, their flexibility and cushioned drop in mid sole really help you when it matters most. They are also extremely supportive when it comes to rope climbing thanks to their out sole design. Don't get me wrong, the Nano’s tread pattern and grip tape help, but not as much as the Metcon 3. Not to mention, the Metcon 3 also feature that TPU Heel clip on the back which help your heels slide on the wall if you’re doing wall standing push ups. 

If you’re a weight lifter that does deadlifts, jerks, cleans, squats, or any thing else in between then the reebok nano 7 is better suited for you. they have a much stiffer sole compared to the Metcon 3. they also offer much more ankle stability and support than the Metcon if you’re looking for something that will give you a solid foundation to do your lifts but still allow you to do a few sprints or box jumps efficiently then the Nano’s are for you. 

Nike Metcon 3 Crossfit shoe

But neither one of these shoes are perfect… first off the Nike Metcon 3 need improvement when it comes to fit and lockdown. although the Metcon 3 feature nike’s fly wire system, they allow a lot of hell slippage. its almost like you’re wearing sandals. I did find that wearing thicker socks did help the Metcon stay in place. My advice is to redesign the TPU Heel wrap, make it one piece and make it a little more concaved so it hugs your heel. Also better quality laces and a padded young wouldn't hurt. I would also redesign the top portion of the outsole to help with traction for when you're sled pushing. something along the lines of what the nano 7 have. stop with the stylized outsole Nike, and make something functional. 

Reebok Nano 7 Crossfit

The Reebok Nano 7 need improvement as well, especially when it comes to the fit. The middle portion of the Reebok Nano 7 is extremely narrow. they also need to add some flexibility to the Nano Weave upper. Reebok also needs to go back and play around with the stiffness of the midsole of the shoe. The stiff midsole is great for lifting but are bad for plyometric exercises or runs. If I wanted a weight lifting shoe I would have gotten the LIFTER PLUS 2.0

So whats the verdict? If you're a plyometrics or agility training kind of person then the Metcon 3 are for you. If you're more into barbel movements and enjoy doing AMRAP sets then go for the Nano 7. Personally I prefer the Metcon 3 over the Nano 7 because of fit, comfort and style. if you do decide to go with the Metcon 3 go down half a size. If youre going with the Nano 7 they fit true to size length wise but remember they are narrow none the less. Links for each shoe’s in depth review is posted below in the description.

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