Adidas Silver Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

If you were busy watching lady gaga during the super bowl half time show a few weeks ago then you missed your chance of picking up the new silver ultra boost, ultra boost uncaged, and pure boost. But a few days ago adidas did a restock which sold out just as quick. but luckily i was able to score a pair of the silver ultra boost uncaged. and now that they are here lets get into the review. 

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For $180.00

The silver ultra boost uncaged currently retail for $200 which is $20 more than your standard ultra boost 3.0. finish line currently has them in stock as well. they also have a Non Dyed/White/Navy color way for $180. basically, getting a colored boost means paying $20 more. Link for these are in the description below. 

Just like other ultra boost shoes, you get a continental rubber out sole which offers a lot of grip and durability. just be ready to squeak when walking on highly polished floors. theres also a torsion system built in which really helps with arch support. the webbed outsole also lets you look at the boost underneath which you will notice is white. personally i would have preferred if the bottom of the boost matched the sides. 

but speaking about boost, the midsole on the uncaged is identical to the ultra boost 3.0. and just as you'd expect its super comfortable to walk and run in. what makes boost so special is its characteristics, its soft, yet springy which allows for very high energy return when running. since the boost midsole on the silver uncaged is painted only time will tell if it'll start to flake. 

moving up the shoe, we’ve got an all prime knit upper. it has a very static looking design to it with silver reflective thread woven in. the silver threading gives the shoe this shimmering look in just the right lighting. the prime knit on the uncaged is very different from the ultra boost. its flat and smooth instead of the textured design like on the ultra boost. there are also ventilation holes woven right into the toe box of the shoe. the adidas three stripe logo is also placed on the toe box with this plastic over lay. theres more plastic over lays where the laces weave through the prime knit and thats there for durability and rigidity. The ultra boost uncaged also has a sock liner that helps keep the shoe in place when they are on feet. also the sock liner here is a little more rigid than the sock liner you would find on NMD. 

when it comes to fit the ultra boost uncaged is very snug, they're true to size, but snug. they have the same heel counter from the ultra boost 3.0, but this time theres a little more padding on the inside. but just like other ultra boost, theres absolutely no heel slipping. adidas also built in some underlays into the shoe to help with construction and ensuring that secure fit. and unlike the TPU cage on the ultra boost, when you tighten the laces on the Uncaged it really helps with lock down if you really need it.

and finally we've got the laces. the laces have the same black and silver static design of the prime knit upper but without the silver threading weaved in. they also have orange and purple aglets that give the shoe a random pop of color. the laces on the uncaged are a little thicker than the ones found the standard ultra boost 3.0. 

over all the ultra boost uncaged is a very well made shoe. just as you’d expect they are very comfortable to wear. the plastic under lays really gives the shoe a solid shape and construction that keeps your feet in place at all times. The prime knit is very flexible and breathable and the woven in silver threading gives the shoe a shimmering look when in the right lighting. as always believe the hype, and if you haven't already you've got to get something with boost in it.