Adidas White NMD R1 Gum Pack Review

Whats is up every one, today i’ve got another shoe review for you guys and thats the Adidas White NMD with the Gum outsole. Just like many of you I took an L when trying to get the Pirate Black and Zebra Yeezy Boost 350 V2, so instead I grabbed these straight off of Adidas’s site. Adidas is periodically restocking these from time to time so you just have to be patient and check back ever so often if you want to get yourself a pair. Since these are also Prime Knit they will run you $170 bucks, but they are worth it if you ask me. Also fun fact, the picture on the shoe box features the gum outsole instead of the actual shoe like other adidas boxes do. But enough of that, lets get into the review. 

White Adidas NMD Gum Pack

the whole upper of the shoe is made out of adidas’s awesome prime knit material. The prime knit on this NMD is thinner than the one found on the Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost Uncaged. Its also smooth and has no raised surfaces like the prime knit on the R2. speaking of the R2, I cant wait until more colors ways for it to drop. As always if you’re looking for something comfortable yet stylish you cant go wrong with Prime Knit NMD’s. Unlike the R2, the R1 featureslace loops for your laces and doesn't actually weave through the prime knit. and the laces here are your stander white ones. nothing special about them aside from being pretty long. Adidas also added a little hint of creme on the sock liner. which is a very nice touch if you ask me. subtle but elegant.

Black Adidas NMD R1 Gum Pack

On the back of the shoe youve got a pull tab that says “the brand with 3 stripes” in different languages in black lettering. theres also a soft touch plastic over lay on the heel counter of the shoe. And speaking of the heel counter, theres one built into the shoe thats made out of the same felt lining that acts as the mid sole. although thin, the heel counter here does its job of keeping your feet in place when walking. also side note, the felt lining on these NMD’s is white which is different from the usual black on other NMD shoes. some people say the NMD aren't as comfortable because they don't have a proper in sole, but personally i don't mind it. 

Moving down the shoe we’ve got the main reason why I bought them which is the Boost mid sole. But like i’ve said before the Boost mid sole on the NMD is usually a little stiffer than the boost found on the ultra boost. personally i prefer the stiffer boost of the NMD, but if you’re going to be on your feet walking for several hours then you’ve got to go with the Ultra Boost. also if you’ve never worn a pair of NMD just know that walking with that long heel is going to take some getting used to. Along the boost you’ve also got the famous plugs in white and those are there for support. Over all i think they give the shoe a very clean look. they also offer some shadows in the right lighting that give off contrasting affect. sorry, my design back ground is showing. Personally I would have preferred if they made the adidas logo creme to match the creme in the sock liner. because the color they're using right now is very hard to see. 

Adidas NMD R1 Gum Pack

and moving to the bottom of the shoe, you've got the gum outsole. There have been other White Prime knit NMD’s to release but the gum outsole just gives the shoe this pop of color that makes them stand out. I don't know about you but personally i hate shoes with white outsoles, they get ruined the second you take a step outside. Remember theres also black version you can pick up, but that one is a little harder to find. I got the White ones cause i thought they would look great at this summer’s yacht party… now all i have to do is get invited to a yacht party. But when it comes to fit you can go true to size if you like a little room in your shoes. NMD’s usually do run a little big so going down half a size wouldn't hurt. These are a size 10 an they are little big on me but i’ll manage. Which caught me off guard since my R2 are size 10 and those fit me perfectly.