Bliiq Hummingbird Review

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Ive been very vocal about this in past videos, besides AirPods I still prefer to use wired bluetooth ear buds for working out at the gym like the Powerbeats 3 and Jaybird X4 over truly wireless sports ear buds cause they usually have a longer battery life, their bluetooth connection is more stable, they cost less and they have an inline controller. And the guys over at Bliiq seem to agree cause they sent out their Hummingbird bluetooth earbuds for testing and were awesome enough to sponsor today’s video. And honestly, these are a really good pair budget friendly earbuds for working out. 

The Bliiq hummingbird’s come in a black or white color way and they retail for $68. But theres also a red color way like the one I have here but that one retails for $74. But you know me, if theres a red option then most likely I’m going to go with that one. If you want to pick these ear buds I’ll have links in the description down below. 

First let go over what comes in the box, cause theres a lot. The Bliiq hummingbirds come included with a hardshell carrying case that magnetically latches up. So you’re not going to have to worry about these earbuds if you throw them into your gym bag. And they also come included with a micro USB cable for charging. The hummingbirds also come included with a total of 8 pairs of silicon ear tips. Theres your standard round ones that come included with most other ear buds, and these are the ones that I personally like to use… but theres also round and coneal Bi-flange ear tips for people how want a more secure fit. And finally the Hummingbirds also come included with a lifetime warranty so if they unexpectedly stop playing music or if the battery dies, Bliiq has you covered. 

Personally for working out, I’ve always preferred wireless earbuds with an ear hook design cause no matter what you do, they’ll always stay in place. Even though ear fins do do a decent job of staying in place as well, I’ve found that they’re not as fool proof as having a full on ear hook. And thats one of the reasons why I like the Hummingbird’s so much, their ear hook design keeps them in place not matter if im dismounting from a pull up bar or if im doing my morning cardio on the treadmill. And in general, the hummingbirds fit me like a glove. They’re very light weight so you hardly notice when they’re in, and theres a synch on the cable which you can tighten if you want an even more secure fit.

Another thing I really like about the hummingbirds is their battery life. They have an advertised battery life of 14 and a half hours. And for me I can go five full workouts in between charges with these earbuds. Which for wireless earbuds like these, thats a lot. But the humming birds also have fast charging, if you plug them in for 10 minutes from a dead battery they’ll get you one hour of playback time. 

Now like I said at the beginning of this video, one of the main reasons why I still prefer to use wired bluetooth earbuds like these is cause of their connection stability… something that I feel a lot of truly wireless sports earbuds still struggle with. And the Hummingbirds have a stable bluetooth connection that doesn’t cut out, it can go through multiple walls and they also have very little latency so they’re good for watching youtube videos on your phone. 

But the biggest reason why I still prefer to used wired bluetooth earbuds at the gym is because of the inline controller. Like some people refuse to give up on headphone jacks on phones, I refuse to give up on inline controllers. With an inline controller you’re able to fully control your music playback with out having to use your phone or voice assistant for simple stuff like adjusting the volume, pausing your music, or skipping through your tracks. And the inline controller on the Hummingbird is very good. The buttons are very well laid out and they have a lot of tactile feedback, which I wish more earbuds had these days.

But something that not a lot of earbuds have that the hummingbird’s do is an ambient mode. If you double press the center button twice then the earbuds will pause your music and pump in all of the ambient sound so you can talk to someone without having to take your earbuds out. And this feature does come in handy if someone at the gym asks you a quick question like how many sets you have left or if you’ll spot them on their next lift. 

And when it comes to sound quality, the hummingbird’s have a neutral sound signature. Their bass isn’t exaggerated like the Powerbeats 3 but it is still present. They also get significantly loud, but I’ve found that with a proper seal you never really have to go above 90 percent volume with these earbuds. 

So over all, I feel the Bliiq Hummingbird’s are a solid pair of budget friendly earbuds for working out. They bring a lot of value for their price. They’re very light weight and their ear hook design makes sure they stay in place at all times no matter how intense your workout gets. They have a very long battery life for wireless earbuds so you can go multiple workouts without having to charge them, and their bluetooth connection is just as stable as more expensive bluetooth earbuds. And given with the fact that Bliiq gives you a life time warranty, thats a very nice added bonus.