GYMCADDY™ Explains Why Rest And Recovery Are So Important For Training

By: Mike Matarlo

Mike is part of the GYMCADDY™ team and helped in the development of the GYMCADDY™. When he's not in the gym powerlifting, he's studying to get his Doctorate's in physical therapy. In this article he will explain why rest is so important in any workout regiment. And remember, pick up your GYMCADDY™ HERE.

Sleep, eat, train and repeat right? Not quite, you've forgotten the key aspect of recovery. If you've ever wondered why you just can't reach that ideal body weight, are in constant pain when doing movements, or simply not progressing how you'd want to be, then you might just need to give yourself some rest. For most people rest involves taking the day off and eating more to replenish and prepare for the next training session . Unfortunately, rest is more than just relaxing and eating. When we train our muscles are undergoing  a process of tearing and separation. The actual growth of muscle however happens when we REST. When we sleep our damaged myofibrils are allowed to increase in thickness and amount. 

Moreover, when we don't get enough sleep and compound that with excessive training we then start to develop pain in certain areas. Common areas of pain are the neck, lower back, hips and legs. If you're still having pain when or after you lift, even though you've gotten enough sleep, food, and unitized proper form, then it could merely be tightness. Proper recovery also incorporates foam rolling (myofascial release), stretching, and ice or hot packs to calm muscles. With proper rest and recovery any of your goals are possible. Remember, every proper training regiment includes recovery and yours should too!