Fit VS Fat

(And every body type in-between)

By: Mike Matarlo

Every single person has their own opinion on what beautiful is. People may start working out to achieve different goals, some want to lose weight, others want to gain muscle, and others might just want to get strong. Different workout techniques will yield different results. The GYMCADDY™ team wants to remind you that you shouldn't let body issues get to you. And remember, pick up your GYMCADDY™ HERE!

Wherever you go and whoever you talk to everyone will have a differing opinion on what a fit body is and what isn’t. The misunderstanding here is that body image is subjective and ultimately up to the beholder to judge. Every body structure and definition, or lack-thereof, is dependent on how one trains and what they train for. There is no one “fit” body criteria that is applicable for bodybuilders, powerlifters, runners, or any other type of athlete. A lot of people are fixated on looking a certain way to match a certain lifestyle, but that’s really not the case. A fit running body is built for enduring long treks, whereas a bodybuilding body is built for aestheticism. Both bodies have their own fit criteria, but will they look the same? NO. Moreover, the terms toned, shredded, skinny, and athletic are mistakenly used constantly. These terms should be used generally for a range of body images. For example, being thin may lead to looking skinny or shredded. Being bulkier may lead to looking more toned or athletic. The point here is that misconceptions on body image lead to detrimental thinking resulting in unending disappointment and comparison. Having a certain body look doesn’t mean you’re fit, nor fat. No two bodies will ever be the same, so this means that no two bodies will ever look or perform the same.  Someone deemed fat and unfit may possess more strength than endurance. Whereas someone deemed as skinny and fit may possess more endurance than strength. The more we use terms such as fit, fat, skinny, athletic, etc, the more we create a separation from what fitness is. Your body is a reflection of whatever choices you make, we can look whatever we want to be. Remember, our thoughts are powerful enough to bring these things into fruition, stay in the fight!