Jaybird Vista Vs Jaybird Tarah Pro

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For the last few months, the Tarah Pro’s have been Jaybird’s best workout earbuds specifically cause the Jaybird Run suffered from rampant connectivity issues. But now there’s the all new Jaybird Vista. And like I said in the full review, I really like these earbuds and I think they’re a great option for any android user looking for a pair everyday carry truly wireless earbuds. But if you’re trying to decide between getting the Jaybird Tarah Pro and the Jaybird Vista, honestly I think this is going to be a hard decision cause they’re both great but I think depending on your needs one might be better than the other. 

Now regarding price, the Jaybird Vista retail for $180 which isn’t unreasonable for a solid pair of truly wireless earbuds that just work like these, and the Jaybird Tarah Pro retail for $160 and they’re jaybird’s most expensive pair of wired bluetooth earbuds. If you want to pick either of these earbuds up they’ll be linked down below, and if you want to learn more about either of these earbuds please watch their full reviews. 

So obviously like I just mentioned, one of the major differences between these two earbuds is that one is wired while the other ones aren’t. Fit wise both of these earbuds rest in your ears relatively the same cause they both come with the same 3 pairs of silicon eargels that have oval ear tips and built in ear fins. Neither of these earbuds actually dig into your ear canal which personally I prefer cause I’m not a huge fan of in ear earbuds, instead they just rest right outside of your ear canals similar to what AirPods do. But unlike AirPods, the silicon oval ear tips on these earbuds do a much better job of creating a seal and blocking out ambient noise. Thanks to the ear fins on the jaybird Vista they do a great job of staying in your ears, but if you want an even more secure fit for like when you’re running a marathon and you can’t be bothered to readjust your earbuds mid run then you’ll want to look into the Tarah Pro. The earbuds on that Tarah Pro actually rotate so you can wear them in their over ear position and simulate ear hooks like what’s found on the Powerbeats pro. And if you tighten the cinch on these guys, the Tarah Pro aint going anywhere. So yeah, both of these earbuds fit great, but if you just want to set it and forget it, then the Tarah pro in their over ear position is the way to go. 

Regarding battery life the Tarah Pro’s have an advertised battery life of 14 hours where as the Vista have an advertised combined battery life of 16 hours. The earbuds themselves can go for 6 straight hours and the case can supply an additional 10 hours of battery life. Either one of these should have no problem keeping with an average person through a normal workout but again if you’re a marathon runner thats going to be running for several hours then I think you’d be better off with the Tarah Pro… they’re less likely to die on you mid race. 

But when it comes to charging these earbuds, thats very different. The Tarah Pro’s have a proprietary charging cradle that you really want to make sure that you don’t lose. And if you’re ever caught with a dead battery before your workout, unless you have that cradle you’re out of luck. Where as the Vista’s carrying case charge via a USB C port and if you’re an android user then you can use the same cable to charge your phone and earbuds which just makes life a little easier. 

Regarding bluetooth connectivity like I mentioned earlier the Jaybird Run suffered from rampant connectivity issues, so for that reason I felt the Tarah pro’s were the best over all earbuds in Jaybird’s line up. But thankfully the Jaybird Vista have a solid wireless connection this time around… and if you want you can just use one ear bud at a time. But over all both of these earbuds have stable wireless connections that you don’t have to worry about.

Now with that being said, when it comes to performance if you’re an android user you’re going to have zero latency across the board when watching videos on your phone… but if you’re an iPhone user you’re going to have zero latency with both of these earbuds if you watch Netflix or HBO Now on your phone… but there is a slight latency when watching youtube videos on an iPhone. And when it comes to audio codecs both of these ear buds only have SBC support, they don’t have AAC and they also don’t have APTX support. 

Now when it comes to listening to music with these earbuds, they both sound and perform relatively the same. They both get loud enough for my liking and they both connect to Jaybird’s music app. From here you can adjust the EQ on either of these earbuds so that you can tailor them to your liking. If you like a bass heavy sound signature like Powerbeats you can do that, or if you like a balanced neutral sound signature you can also do that. But performance wise both of these earbuds sound decent but their instrument separation isn’t amazing and if you raise the bass on these earbuds too much it can easily get over whelming and over power everything else. But the important thing here is that neither of these earbuds get tinny when the highs really get going. But if you want to get the best sound quality out of either of these earbuds, then I recommend you go a neutral sound signature and pump up the bass just a little bit. 

But the last major differentiating factor between these two earbuds has got to be their on board multi media controls. Each ear bud on the vista have a built in button and you can single press on either one to play or pulse your music. Double tap to skip a track and you can press and hold on either of these earbuds to raise or lower your volume. Granted you need to be wearing both of these earbuds to control your music volume like this. But one of my petpevves of truly wireless earbuds have been their limited multi media controls, but the Vista’s have a decent set up. But if you want to have full control over your music then the Tarah Pro might be the way to go. Their inline controller lets you play, pause, skip and go back a track and you can just as easily adjust your volume straight from the Tarah Pro’s in line controller with their super easy to  tell apart buttons. Something that again, might interest you if you’re a serious marathon runner who just need things to work the first time. 

So over all, both of these earbuds are great and they’re both great workout earbuds. But if you’re a serious marathon or long distance runner that just needs something to work then you’ll might be better off with the Tarah Pro. The Tarah Pro’s offer a much more secure fit thanks to their over ear wearing option, you can set it and forget it. Their inline controller give you more direct and easier to use buttons to control your music playback and if you’re going to be running for hours on then the Tarah pro won’t die on you mid race. But if you want to cut the cord the Jaybird Vista are still great option. They’re going to have no problem keeping up with your average gym goer… but I feel that if you’re an android user I think that you’re not just getting a pair of workout earbuds by going with the Vista’s you’re also getting a very good pair of every day carry truly wireless earbuds that you can use out side of the gym.