Jaybird Vista Review - Great Everyday Carry Earbuds For Android Users, They're Good For Working Out Too

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I’ve never really been a fan of the Jaybird Run, their carrying case is very bulky but more importantly they suffered from rampant connectivity issues. But now we have the Jaybird Vista, and these have been completely redesigned for the better. I think they’re great workout earbuds, but I also think they're a great option for android users looking for a pair of everyday carry truly wireless earbuds.  

So the Jaybird Vistas retail for $180 which what the Jaybird Run used to retail for. And even though the Jaybird Run’s maybe going on sale at other retailers, personally I can’t recommend getting the Jaybird Run’s over the Vista’s even if it means saving some money. So if you want to pick up the Jaybird Vista’s they’ll be linked down below.  

Now the first thing we gotta talk about here is the Vista’s completely redesigned carrying case cause personally I think its a huge deal. The Vista’s carrying case is much slimmer than the Jaybird Run’s which makes it much easier to store in your pocket if you plan on using these earbuds as every day carry earbuds. Cause the Vista’s carrying case is about the same size as the Galaxy Buds carrying case and its a little slimmer than the Jabra Elite 65T’s carrying case. But the Vista’s carrying case also feels a lot more premium cause it has a soft touch feel to it similar to the Sony WF-1000XM3’s which makes it much easier to hold on to and its a major upgrade from the all plastic carrying cases that the AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and Jabra’s have. But another major upgrade found on the Vista’s from the Jaybird Run is that the Vista’s earbuds now magnetically attach themselves to their carrying case. Which makes taking these earbuds out and dropping them back into their case much easier compared to the Jaybird Run’s. But another major upgrade found on the Vista’s carrying case is that its been upgraded to a USB C port. Which obviously means this is great for android users cause this way you can charge your phone and earbuds with the same cable. 

And when it comes to battery life, even though the Vista’s case is significantly smaller then the Jaybird Run’s which is awesome, the Vista’s still have slightly better battery life performance than the Jaybird Run’s. The Jaybird Vista’s have a combined advertised battery life 16 hours where as the Jaybird Run’s were good for 12 hours. The earbuds themselves can go for 6 straight hours and the case can supply an additional 10 hours of battery life. But over all when compered to the competition, the Jaybird Vista’s have an average battery life for truly wireless earbuds in late 2019 which is fine especially if you take their super slim carrying case into consideration. 

But now we gotta talk about fit cause its also very different from the Jaybird Run. The Jaybird Run have an ear fin and ear tip fitting system which gives you a lot of customization options so you can mix and match these ear tips and earrings so  you can get your perfect fit. But now jaybird is moving away from having separate ear tips and ear fins and using eargels which have combined the two. Ultimately this means the Jaybird Vista’s don’t have as much customization options as the Jaybird Run or the Jaybird X4’s… but personally I have no problem with this.

For starters I’m not the biggest fan of in ear earbuds in general cause to me they get itchy after a while so I can only use them for short periods of time. So even though the Galaxy Buds, Jabra Elite 65T’s, Sony WF-1000XM3’s and Sennheiser Momentums are all great in ear ear buds… I still default to AirPods as an iPhone user cause I find them to be the most comfortable ear buds here cause they don’t actually go into your ear canal they just rest right out side of it. And the Jaybird Vista’s do pretty much the same thing they don’t actually go in, they just rest right out side of your ear canal. So I do find them to be way more comfortable than all of the other in ear buds I mentioned earlier and this is another reason why I would recommend the Vistas to an android user looking for everyday carry earbuds. Just like Airpods, I sometimes forget I have the Vista’s in which is good. But unlike AirPods, the Vista’s do a much better job of blocking out ambient noise cause their oval silicon eartips still create a good seal similar to the other in ear buds here. And combined with the fact that these earbuds also have ear fins, they do a phenomenal job of not falling out even if you’re working out super hard. 

But the most crucial upgrade found on the Vista’s from the Jaybird Run is their bluetooth connectivity. Now the Vista’s have been upgraded to bluetooth 5.0 but more importantly each earbud now establishes a connection with your phone like AirPods do whether you’re using an iPhone or android device. So what this means is that if you just want to use one earbud at a time you can use either earbud you don’t have to worry about choosing the correct earbud like with the Jaybird Run or like with older or cheaper truly wireless earbuds.

But this also means that there are no longer rampant connection issues which plagued the Jaybird Run and also if your android user you’re going to have zero latency across when it comes to watching videos on your phone. Where as if you’re an iPhone user you’re going to have zero latency if you use these ear buds to watch Netflix or HBO Now on your phone but there is a slight latency when it comes to watching youtube videos on an iPhone. Now I don’t blame the Jaybird Vista’s cause the same thing happens even with the Sony WF-1000XM3’s. 

But I do want to point out that unfortunately these earbuds don’t have any AAC or APTX support just SBC. But honestly I don’t care cause I’m just happy to see that Jaybird’s truly wireless earbuds finally have a stable bluetooth connection. 

But now let's talk about sound quality. For me these earbuds get loud enough, but I do expect people to leave comments on this video saying that these earbuds are too quite for them probably cause they’ve already ruined their hearing. Now just like in Jaybird fashion the Vista’s connect to Jaybird’s Connect app and from there you can directly adjust their EQ. If you want you can have a neutral sound signature or if you like a bass heavy sound signature you can also do that. But when it comes to over all performance, the instrument separation on these earbuds isn’t particularly amazing and at higher volumes everything just tends to blend together. Even though there can be a lot of bass, it can easily get over whelming and drown out everything else. But in general, the Jaybird Vista’s still sound better than AirPods, they’re comparable to the Galaxy Buds and Jabra Elite 65T’s but obviously if you want better sound then you’ll probably want to look in to higher tier earbuds like the Sony’s or Sennheiser’s. 

But when it comes to controlling your music playback these earbud have a built in physical button where you can single press to play or pause your music, and you can double tap to skip a track. But unfortunately you can’t triple press to go back a track. However you can press and hold on either earbud to raise or lower the volume which I feel is more important.

But another major difference on the Vista from the Jaybird Run is that phone calls now come in through both earbuds instead of just instead of just one like on the Jaybird Run which use a Hero and side kick set up. And in general I think the microphone on the Vista’s is decent enough. 

So over all I’m a really big fan of the Jaybird Vista, not just for working out but also as every day carry wireless earbuds for android users. Jaybird really knocked it out of the park with the carrying case on the Vista’s compared to the jaybird run. But more importantly the bluetooth connectivity on the Vista’s is spot on especially for android devices. If you’re looking for a pair of workout earbuds then the Vista’s are a great option, but there are some missing features that are pretty standard for truly wireless earbuds these days. Specifically the Vista’s don’t have automatic ear detection so they don’t automatically pause you’re music when you take them out of your ear and they also don’t have an ambient mode which I think sucks, but I also think its crucial for out door runners looking into these earbuds. And jaybird tries to skirt around not having an ambient mode on the Vista’s by saying hey just use one earbud at a time. 

But like I mentioned earlier, I would still recommend the Jaybird Vista’s over the Jabra Elite 65T’s to an android user looking for everyday carry earbuds mainly because over their slimmer carrying case, USB C charging, and more importantly their fit. If you’re not the biggest fan of in ear ear buds like I am then I feel the Vista’s are great alternative to the Galaxy Buds, Jabra’s, Sony’s and Sennheiser’s fit wise. But in general, I’m very happy to see jaybird has really revamped their truly wireless earbuds.