Sony WF-1000XM3 Vs Sennheiser Momentum - Its Complicated

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More and More third party truly wireless earbuds are finally starting to get really good. And now there are some really good premium truly wireless earbuds to take into consideration if you want to upgrade from AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and even the Jabra Elite 65t’s. So today we’re going to be looking at the brand new Sony WF-1000XM3’s and the Sennheiser Momentums. They’re both great, but they’re very different from one another. 

So for starters for both these earbuds are considerably more expensive than all of the other earbuds I just mentioned and recommend. The Sony WF-1000XM3’s retail for $230 and the Sennheiser momentums retail for an eye watering $300. But if you want to pick either of these earbuds up they’ll be linked down below, and if you want to learn more about either of these earbuds please watch their full reviews cause we’re only going to be covering the main differences. 

So first off both of these earbuds have considerably larger carrying cases than all of the other earbuds I mentioned earlier. They’re not unreasonably big, but you will notice them more when they’re in your pocket. But when it comes to directly comparing Sony’s and Sennheiser’s carrying cases… Sony’s case takes up more surface area but it is slightly slimmer so I’ve noticed that it slides in and out of your pocket a little easier. But Sony’s larger carrying case is able to hold 3 full charges where as Sennheiser’s carrying case can only hold 2 full charges. So at least you’re getting something tangible out of Sony’s larger carrying case, in this case an extra charge. 

And over all the WF-1000XM3’s do significantly out preform the momentums when it comes to battery life performance. Sony’s earbuds have an advertised combined battery life that can range between 24 and 32 hours depending on how you use them which is way above average for truly wireless earbuds. Where as the momentums have a combined battery life of 12 hours which is a little below average and lack luster in my opinion given the size of their carrying case. But at least both of these charging case’s charge via a USB C port which is great for android users. 

But when it comes to fit, these ear buds are also very different from one another. They’re both in ear ear buds but plainly said, I find the Sony’s to be less comfortable than the Sennheiser’s. Sony’s earbuds go in very deep into your ear canal which personally I’m not a fan of… and I also gotta use the smallest silicon ear tips they come included with cause everything else is just too big. And since Sony’s earbuds go so deep into your ear canal they do get itchy after awhile. Where as the Momentum’s don’t go in as deep and I can actually use their medium silicon tips. So over all the Momentums are much more tolerable to wear for long periods of times. But since the Sony’s go much deeper into your ear canal they also do a much better job of creating a seal and passively blocking out more ambient noise. But when it comes to over all design, personally I currently prefer the Momentum for the simple fact that they don’t have a constant blinking LED like the Sony’s do. So like I said in the full review, I really hope Sony puts out a software issue to disable these constant blinking LED’s. 

And regarding bluetooth connectivity… these ear buds are also very different. To keep it simple, I feel the Sony’s have the better bluetooth connectivity here and here’s why. Both of Sony’s earbuds establish a connection with your phone just like AirPods do whether you’re using an android device or iPhone. So what this means is that if you just want to use one earbud at a time you can use either one, you don’t have to worry about selecting the correct ear bud. 

Where as the Momentums use a hero and sidekick set up where one earbud in this case the right ear bud establishes a connection with your phone, the hero. And then relays that connection to the left ear bud the side kick. So if you want to use one ear bud a time you gotta use the right earbud.

But more importantly this does affect audio latency specifically for iPhone users. Plainly said the momentums aren’t the best for watching videos on an iPhone cause there is a slight delay across the board where as if youre an android user they’re perfectly fine thanks to APTX Low latency. Where as even though the WF-1000XM3’s only have AAC support they have zero latency across the board on both Android devices and iPhone except for when I comes to watching YouTube videos on an iPhone. But every thing else is just fine. 

So over all both of these earbuds are perfectly fine for watching videos on an android device but if you have an iPhone you’re better off with the Sony’s if you plan on watching lots of videos on your phone. Cause right now I can only recommend the momentums for strictly listening to music if you have an iPhone.

And when it comes to listening to music with these earbuds, the momentums sound way better than the Sony’s mainly because they have way better clarity, better instrument separation, a much wider sound stage and the bass resonates deeper and cleaner. Now don’t get me wrong, both of these earbuds sound better than the cheaper earbuds I mentioned earlier but the momentum’s sound much crisper than the Sony’s. And also it doesn’t hurt that the Sennheiser’s get a little louder than the Sony’s as well. And even though both of these earbuds have an adjustable EQ, personally I think the default EQ on the Momentums sounds best. But what I do like doing on the Sony’s is having a neutral EQ setting for when I’m going to listen to music, and then having a bass heavy EQ setting for when ever I’m going to watch a movie on my phone with them. 

But when it comes to controlling your music playback even though both of these earbuds have really easy to use and very accurate touch pads personally I also think Sennheiser has the better touch controls here simply because you can touch and hold on the left and right earbud to adjust the volume. Where as with the Sony’s if you want to adjust the volume you gotta whip out your phone, which has always been one of my petpeves of most truly wireless earbuds. 

But when it comes to over all features sony does manage to claw their way to the top mainly because they have active noise cancellation. And the active noise cancelation on the WF-1000XM3’s does a really good job of blocking out constant low frequency sounds like road noise and the rumbling of an AC unit in your office. But the active noise cancelation on the WF-1000XM3’s does change the way they sound, specifically it narrows their sound stage and instrument separation and the bass won’t resonate as deep. So if you want to get the best sound quality out of these ear buds you should use them with their ANC turned. And not to mention it also helps you save on battery life so that you can get the 32 hour batter life I mentioned earlier. But when it comes to everything else like automatically playing and pausing your music or having an ambient mode, both of these earbuds have those. So the key features differentiating both of these earbuds is vastly superior sound quality on the Momentums, and active noise cancelation and a super long battery life on the Sony’s.

So when it comes to choosing between the Sennheiser Momentums and Sony WF-1000XM3’s unfortunately its not a simple answer. I think that for the over all best user experience you should go with the Sony’s especially if you’re an iPhone user cause you’re going to be able to use them to watch Netflix on your phone cause of the reduced latency on iphone. But in general for both android and iPhone users the Sony’s have much better battery life which is crucial for constant commuters, they also have active noise cancelation which is also good for constant commuters, and not to mention they also cost a little less. But like I mentioned earlier I don’t think these earbuds are going to fit everyone comfortably. But personally, if I had to choose just one… then I think I’m going with the Sennheiser Momentums. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up these earbuds and just started listening to music cause I’m just blown away at how amazing they sound. And I also find them to be a little more comfortable to wear than the Sony’s. Now the sennheiser’s aren’t for everyone and neither are the Sony’s… but I think I’m team Sennheiser for this one.