Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Review - This Thing Sounds HUGE

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At first glance, the new Wonderboom 2 doesn't look all that different from the original Wonderboom... But if you look a little closer, you'll see that Ultimate ears has refined and improved their compact and ultra portable Bluetooth speaker in all the right places. And besides some minor lint oicks, I actually really like the new Wonderboom 2, so much in fact that I'm going to be giving away this little guy. Just be subscribed, hit that like button and comment down below with what your plans are for summer 19
Just like the original Wonderboom, the Wonderboom 2 retails for $100 which means the original Wonderboom is going to be going on sale now... But as I'll explain over the course of this video, if you're thinking about getting a Wonderboom... I highly recommend you get yourself the newer Wonderboom 2 cause it truly is an overall better product. But if you want to pick any of the speakers up mentioned in this video, they'll be linked down below. 

Just like before, the Wonderboom 2 is vying to be that ultra portable and ultra durable speaker you take with you with everywhere cause it can standup to almost everything thanks to it's mostly fabric body, hard plastic end caps and IP67 rating meaning that water means bassicly nothing to this speaker.  And just like before you've got your volume buttons upfront but now this time around the multi purpose on the Wonderboom 2 has been explicitly laid out which is a very small detail I personally really like. And you'll also notice that the bungee on the Wonderboom 2 is much more elastic and durable which makes it easier to latch onto things than the original Wonderboom. But unique to the Wonderboom 2 is this new out door boost button which I'll go into deeper in a little bit. 

But continuing down the list of improvements on the Wonderboom 2, this speaker now has an advertised battery life of 13 hours, 3 hours more than the original Wonderboom. And in my testing with the volume set at 80% I got a real world battery life of 9 hours of playback time, not bad at all especially considering its size. But one of my knit picks about this speaker is that it's still using a micro USB port for charging. Personally I would had really like to have seen a USBC port here cause this way an Android user would be able to charge their phone and speaker with the same cable. And while we're talking about ports I also want to point out that this speaker doesn't have an audio jack. Personally I don't mind it, but just know you can only use this speaker wirelessly. 

But when it comes to wireless connectivity the Wonderboom 2 has a very stable connection just as you'd expect, it has a 100 foot range which is way more than what you need and it can be connected to 2 devices at the same time so you and a friend can both be DJ. So over all wireless connectivity on this speaker is really good. 

But I can only recommend the Wonderboom 2 strictly for listening to music. Since this speaker is only using the SBC codec there is a slight latency whenever you try to watch videos on both Android or Apple devices. Its a very slight latency but if you’re as particular as me you will notice it.  

But when it comes to speaker set ups, the Wonderboom 2 has a dual transducer and dual passive radiator set up. Half of which shoots out the front and the other half shoots out the back. Meaning that this speaker is a 360 degree speaker. Which  makes this speaker great to use with friends cause you can just put it down and cover a large area with music without having to crank the volume up super loud. But definitely one of the biggest reasons why I prefer the Wonderboom 2 over the original Wonderboom is cause it genuinely sounds better. This speaker has way more bass than before so as a result it just sounds much Fuller. If you use this speaker indoors, it genuinely sounds much bigger than it has any right to be. But if you're going to use this speaker out doors then you can use the out doors boost mode. Now what out doors boost does is that it significantly reduces the bass on this speaker, but in return its boosts the mids and highs. Now yeah it's going to make this speaker sound pretty bright, but it's also going to make this speaker get louder and overall your music is going to travel much farther outdoors. But just so that you can see for yourself were going to jump into a sound test. All of these speakers are playing at the volume, but the blue Wonderboom is playing in out doors mode. 

So like you may have just heard, the Wonderboom 2 and original Wonderboom have the same sound signature and in general they do sound pretty much the same in this sound test, but the Wonderboom 2 has significantly more bass than the previous model and it also gets slightly louder. You can literally feel your music more with the Wonderboom 2 especially when you use it indoors. And when you're going to use this speaker out doors you can quickly switch to outdoors mode and make this speaker get louder and make your music travel farther. But if you want to get technical, the bass doesn’t bottom out, the highs don’t get tinny, instrument separation is decent, and distortion isn’t a problem at higher volumes. 

But another improvement found one the Wonderboom 2 is it's double up feature. Just like before, you can get 2 Wonderboom 2 and pair them up to play in sync. But now, if you have 2 Wonderboom 2's you can also have them play in left and right stereo mode. Pairing these two speakers is super easy and switching between sync and stereo mode is just a matter of pressing and holding down the multi purpose button. And thankfully the newer Wonderboom 2 can still pair up to the original Wonderboom. But keep in mind, they can only be paired up to play in sync, stereo mode is exclusive to dual Wonderboom 2’s. 

But this leads me to another knit pick about the Wonderboom 2… unfortunately this speaker can’t be paired up to UE’s other speakers like the Megablast, Megaboom3, or Boom3. And the Wonderboom 2 still can’t connect to UE’s Boom app so you can’t directly change this speakers EQ besides pressing the out doors mode button. 

But overall, I still really do like and recommend the new Wonderboom 2. Even though this speaker is tiny compared to a lot of other speakers in this category the sound quality and amount of bass coming out of this little guy is truly impressive, its real world battery life of 9 hours is going to have no problem keeping up with you, its 360 sound makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a speaker to use with friends on a regular basis, and just its sheer small size and ruggedness makes this little guy a great speaker to always take on the go with you. But since I really do like the Wonderboom 2, its already got me thinking about what I would like to see from the Wonderboom 3… and right now that would have to be USB C charging, support for higher definition audio codecs, being able to connect with UE’s Boom app, and being able to pair with UE’s larger Boom and Megaboom speakers. But still, if you’re looking for a small speaker for the summer, you can’t go wrong with the Wonderboom 2.