Sony's New WH-XB700 Extra Bass Headphones Hint At Whats To Come

Back at CES 2019 Sony announced their upcoming Sony XB22 and XB32 portable bluetooth speakers… And I also expect a Sony XB42 is also on the way.  Cause over the last few days Sony has been updating their companion apps for their Headphones and Speakers to support unspecified newer models. But now Sony Asia has officially announced their upcoming WH-XB700’s. Now I’m going to tell you what the WH-XB700’s are all about and also what it could mean for upcoming yet to be announced products.

So like I’ve been saying for awhile now, I love my Sony 1000XM3’s… but I think its time for Sony to update and redesign their H.ear On 2 and XB950N1 headphones cause they’re just huge compared to newer headphones out there. And I think the Sony WH-XB700 are the beginning of that. 

Now first off the Sony WH-XB700’s are going to be part of Sony’s Extra Bass Headphone line up. So they’re going to be for Bass Heads that like a lot of bass in their music. So you shouldn’t go comparing them directly to the Sony WH-CH700N’s which are Sony’s entry level Active Noise Canceling headphones. Cause the Sony WH-XB700’s don’t have Active Noise Cancelation. They do how ever have an advertised battery life of 30 hours, they charge via a USB C port with fast charging rated at 10 minutes gets you and Hour and a half but most importantly they have a new more subtle low profile design which is a huge plus over Sony’s other, older Extra Bass Headphones.  

The Sony WH-XB700’s are slated to be released in Asia this month, and they should be released in the states in April for around $175 or $200. But this is where the speculation begins. Sony follows a pretty basic naming stature when it comes to their consumer products. Their most premium headphones are denoted by having a 1000 in their name and as the product moves down in price that number decrease. 

So for example, the Sony WH-1000XM3’s are Sony’s most premium ANC headphones retailing for $350. Then theres the Sony WH-H900N which are Sony’s slightly more affordable ANC Headphones targeting a younger crowed that retail for $300. Then theres the WH-H800 which are an on ear version of the previous headphones that retail for $230… and then theres the Sony WH-CH700N which retail for $200. Hopefully you’re kind of seeing the pattern here. 

So its my guess that the Sony WH-XB700’s are Sony’s new entry level Extra Bass headphones and we could see a similar looking but improved pair of Sony WH-XB900’s or WH-XB1000’s to be the true successor of the current Sony MDR-XB950N1’s extra bass headphones. Personally I think WH-XB900 is more likely. But I think we could see an asking price of around $300 but with it see some major improvements over the WH-XB700’s and the XB950N1’s. 

Since the WH-XB700’s are a pair of on ear headphones I would like to see Sony’s higher end Extra Bass headphones to be over ear headphones with more spacious ear cups than the current XB950N1’s. I also think the Sony WH-XB900’s would have improved active noise cancellation over the current XB950N1’s but not as good as the 1000XM3’s. And in order to keep costs down, I think the WH-XB900’s will have physical control buttons instead of a touch pad like the 1000XM3’s. And obviously I think USB C is a given but think the WH-XB900 will have better fast charging than whats found on the WH-XB700. 

So to wrap everything up, the Sony WH-XB700’s look like a cool pair of new budget friendly Bass Head headphones that I will be reviewing. And Sony did exactly what they needed to do. They have great battery life, they have USB C charging, but most importantly they look much sleeker. Cause you gotta have more courage than apple to walk around with the XB950N1’s in public. But I highly doubt these are the true successors to the XB950N1’s so I wouldn’t go directly comparing the two. I think Sony has little extra something in the pipe line… but this is a good start.