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Jaybird has been pretty busy lately. First they released their slightly updated Jaybird X4, which has a cult like following and then shortly after they released their new entry level Jaybird Tarah. And then shortly after those they released their new Jaybird Tarah Pro… And given that I still prefer wired bluetooth earbuds over truly wireless earbuds for working out… I didn’t expect to like the Tarah pro as much as I do. 

The Jaybird Tarah Pro are jaybird’s most expensive and premium wired bluetooth earbuds retailing for $160… just $10 less than the truly wireless Jaybird Run. And for comparison sake, the Jaybird X4 retails for $130 and the entry level Jaybird Tarah retails for $100. If you want to pick these earbuds I’ll have links in the description down below. I suggest you check them out cause you never know when they’ll go on sale. 

Everything about the Jaybird Tarah Pro is just more premium compared to Jaybird’s other wired bluetooth earbuds… even the carrying pouch. The Tarah Pro comes included with a carrying pouch very similar to the X4’s but I cant help but notice its a little thicker and a little more rugged. And just a heads up, the entry level Tarah doesn’t even come with a carrying pouch. But what makes the Tarah pro really standout is its super rugged build quality. The Tarah pro is one of the few bluetooth earbuds out there that features a braided cable. Up until now all of Jaybird’s earbuds and most other sports wireless earbuds out there featured a flat rubber cable. And the earbuds on the Tarah Pro magnetically attach which is handy for when you're just going the have the earbuds resting around your neck and its a Jaybird first as well. 

Now when it comes to the Fit… the Tarah pro uses the same Eargels as the entry level Tarah. As in the ear tip and fin is one solid piece… they’re easy to swap out and they’re very soft… But the Tarah’s one piece Eargel is a major differentiating factor from the super popular Jaybird X3 and X4. On the Jaybird X4 the ear tip and ear fin are two separate pieces so theoretically you have more customization options. But what really made the X4 different from the entry level Tarah was having the option to wear the X4’s in its over ear position… which offers a much more secure fit compared to its normal wearing position. And due to the Tarah’s one piece Eargel you cant wear the Tarah in an over ear position. But the Tarah Pro on the other hand has a secret weapon. The earbuds on the Tarah Pro actually rotate… so if you want to wear the Tarah pro in its normal position you can do that, or if you want that more secure over ear fit you can also do that with the Tarah Pro. And personally, I think the over ear fit on the Tarah pro works better than on the X4 cause of that rounded cable. 

Regarding battery life, the Jaybird Tarah has an advertised battery life of 14 hours which is huge compared the X4’s 8 hour advertised battery life and the entry level’s Tarah’s 6 hour advertised battery life. And just keep in mind, the super popular Powerbeats 3 has an advertised battery life of 12 hours. 

But battery life aside… the Tarah pro also features very impressive fast charging. A 5 minute charge on the Tarah pro from a dead battery will get you 2 hours of playback time. Where as a 10 minute charge on both the X4 and Tarah will only get you one hour of playback time. And 5 minute charge on the Powerbeats 3 will also only get you 1 hour of playback time. So over all battery life and fast charging are some of the key features the Tarah pro has going for it. 

But unfortunately the  Tarah pro has yet another proprietary charger from Jaybird. Now this new charging cradle from Jaybird those magnetically align and attach its self to the Tarah Pro’s inline controller, another first for jaybird. But I do find it very funny that all of Jaybird’s earbuds have a different charging cradle. I consider it a miracle that the Jaybird Run charges via a micro USB port. 

Regarding wireless connectivity, the Tarah Pro is rocking bluetooth 5.0 where as the X4 is using bluetooth 4.1. Over all this isn’t a big deal cause they both have stable connections that don’t cut out… and they’re both decent for watching videos on your iPhone cause they both have very little latency. 

And when it comes to sound quality, just like all of Jaybird’s other products… the Tarah pro has an adjustable EQ so you can make them sound how ever you’d like depending on the type of music you listen to. Clarity is good, the bass is deep and punchy and the highs never get tinny. Jaybird has always done a good job of making good sounding earbuds. And all of jaybird’s products sound and perform the same across the board. But this also means that some people will find that the Jaybird Tarah Pro might not get as loud as they’d like. Personally I think that Jaybird’s earbuds get loud enough especially when used with the proper ear tip creating a good seal… but some people feel Jaybird’s earbuds just don’t get loud enough to block out ambient noise.

But finally theres the inline controller. Like I’ve said in the past, I prefer wired bluetooth earbuds over truly wireless earbuds at the gym cause the inline controller gives you full control over your music playback without having to go through the extra steps of having to talk to your voice assistant to do simple things and you don’t have to touch your phone as much. Now the inline controllers on both Tarah models is slightly different than the X4’s inline controller. And I personally prefer the raised plus and minus buttons on the Tarahs cause they’re easier to tell apart than the X4’s circular buttons just by touch. 

But over all, I am actually a very big fan of the Jaybird Tarah Pro. A lot of people were a little under whelmed when the Jaybird X4 came out cause they weren’t all that different from the X3 spec  wise. And thats not a problem, the Jaybird X3 and X4 are both very good products. But I was a little confused when Jaybird announced they’re entry level Tarah, for just 30 bucks more I would just upgrade to the X4 or get the X3’s for the same price. But I really do like what Jaybird has done with their Tarah Pro. Build quality wise you’re getting the extra rugged braided cable, I really like the larger and easier to tell apart buttons on the inline controller, and having the earbuds magnetically attach is a great added bonus. And unlike the entry level Tarah you don’t have to sacrifice the over ear fit option on the Tarah Pro cause of those rotating ear buds. But Jaybird out did them selves spec wise on the Tarah pro by cramming in an impressive 14 hour battery life in a very small package. But more importantly they now have some of the best fast charging in a pair of wireless earbuds since they get 2 hours from a 5 minute charge. If you have the Jaybird X3 and were hesitant to upgrading the the X4’s then I do think the Jaybird Tarah Pro is worth the upgrade. And if you’re looking into getting your first pair of Jaybird ear buds, then the Tarah Pro are currently the best earbuds Jaybird has to offer.