OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review - Just As good As The Beats X At Half The Price

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Over the past few years Oneplus has gained this reputation of being this company that listens to its costumers, and puts out great products which are very reasonably priced. And OnePlus made a very good first impression on me with their new Bullets Wireless ear buds. They’re obviously a much cheaper alternative to the Beats X. And even though the Bullets Wireless do sacrifice build quality here and there… over all the Bullets Wireless are a great pair of Wireless ear buds that give the Beats X a run for their money. 

Oneplus’s Wireless Bullets currently retail for $69… which is half of what the Beats X retail for… $150. And for the most part when I’ve tested sub $100 wireless ear buds the results were pretty bad… but not with the Bullets. If you want to pick either of these ear phones up I”ll have links in the description below and if you use the links it really helps out the channel. I suggest you check them out cause the beats X routinely go on sale. 

First up I want to talk about the unboxing experience of the Bullets wireless, it lets you know right off the bat that you just bought something nice. And you don’t really see this level of attention to detail on sub $100 ear phones, or even some 2 or 3 hundred dollar headphones for that matter. Inside the box you’ll find your ear phones, a silicon carrying case which is pretty similar to what comes included with the Beats X, and you get your USB A to USB C cable for charging. And you also get a total of 3 pairs of ear fins and ear tips so you can customize your fit. Overall everything that comes included with the Beats X come included with the Bullets Wireless.

Design and build quality wise… the Bullets Wireless are very similar to the Beats X. They’re both designed to rest on your neck, the ear buds both magnetically attach to one another when you’re not using them, and the majority of their bodies are covered in a soft touch rubber material. But there are some design choices where One Plus obviously did to save a bit of money, and thats with the wire that connects the neck band with the ear buds and the inline controller. The inline controller on the Beats X feels much more premium than the inline controller on the Bullets. It has much better tactile feed back and since the controller is slightly larger its also slightly easier to use. But the flat wire used on the Beats X also feels much sturdier than the thinner round wire used on the Bullets. Im just a little worried that the wires on the Bullets will ware out faster or could possibly snap if the ear buds were to snag on a coat while you took it off. 

Even though these two ear phone share very similar designs, there are some key technical difference between these two ear phones. First up, the Bullets wireless is using bluetooth 4.1 and for the most part their wireless connection is very sturdy and theres very little latency, so I would recommend these earphones for watching videos. The Bullets wireless also have an 8 hour battery life and charge via a USB C port. And the Bullets wireless also feature slightly improved fast charging over the beats X. If you plug them in for 10 minutes from a dead battery they will get you 5 hours of play time. Where as with the beats X if you plug them in for 5 minutes from a dead battery they will get you 2 hours of playback time. And instead of a USB C port, the beats X uses apple’s lighting cable. But the biggest difference between the beats X and the Bullets wireless is that the Beats X is using Apple’s W1 chip. Yes the Beats X plays nice with android devices but any devices that have Apple’s W1 chip works best with other Apple Devices. Aside from being able to easily and seamlessly pair up to either of your apple deices associated to your iCloud account, I’ve found that one of the best things about the W1 chip is just how little latency there actually is when watching videos. For someone like me who watches a lot of videos on my phone and uses a lot of headphones and speakers low latency is very important for me. Or else its just takes away from the view experience. 

Sound Quality wise, the bullets wireless just sound good. The bass doesn’t bottom and theres no tinning in the highs. They get more than loud enough… even too loud and theres very little distortion. Now the sound stage on these earphones could be better but remember these are 70 bucks so they’re good enough for casual listening. But since the Bullets wireless have a flat sound signature the bass doesn’t over power the music like the Beats X does. 

But perhaps the coolest thing about the bullets wireless is this that the beats X cant do is this… when you magnetically attach the ear buds to one another the Bullets wireless will automatically pause your music and go into standby mode. And they disconnect from your phone as well. And when you separate the buds again the Bullets will power back up and re connect with your phone. And I really like this feature cause it saves on battery life and if you’re not using them they’re not going to show up on your bluetooth list. 

But overall, like I said at the beginning of this video… OnePlus has made a very good first impression on me. Their new Bullets Wireless earphones exceeded all of my expectations for Sub $100 wireless earbuds. They’re build quality is good except I would be careful with the lose wires. They have a solid wireless connection and very little latency which is one of the biggest things cheaper wireless earphones tend to mess up on. And they sound decent enough. But personally I really like how they automatically go into standby mode when the buds magnetically connect. Its such an apple like feature that im amazed the beats X doesn’t do them themselves.