Logitech G560 Gaming Speaker Review

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Logitech has a speaker set up for almost every budget out there. But the G560 are Logitech’s first official gaming speaker set up with a very different approach to RGB lighting. Now, I don’t have too much time for gaming these days, but I can appreciate the G560 for their sound quality and RGB goodness. So lets see how these speakers stack up. 

The Logitech G560 light sync PC gaming speakers currently retails for 200 bucks. Thats 50 dollars more than the Dyson Hair dryer looking Razer Nommo Chroma which I have personally been using in my set up for the last few months. They sound surprisingly good and they’re very compact which I really like. And the G560 cost less than half of the still yet to be released Razer Nommo Pro. If you want to pick the Logitech G560 up I’ll have a link in the description below and if you use the link it really helps out the channel. Check them out cause you never know when these speakers might go on sale. 

The G560 is a 2.1 speaker set up that comes included with 2 satellite speakers and a downward firing subwoofer. The subwoofer also acts as a central hub and it plugs into your computer via a USB port. Now you can use an AUX jack, but the G560 doesn’t come included with a 3.5 millimeter audio cable, you’re going to have to use your own. The satellite speakers are both rocking 2.5 inch diameter drivers and the Sub has a 6.5 inch diameter driver. Regarding build quality, I’m not too worried about the woofer tearing but the center does feel like stiff cardboard. But the satellite speakers them selves feel much more rugged than the Razer nommo chroma. The majority of the body is covered in a matte black plastic that I’ve already managed to drop multiple times with out issue. Which is nice cause the build quality on the Nommo chroma isn’t as sturdy and I managed to snap its neck on the first day of filming. 

When it comes to the G560’s RGB lighting set up each speaker has two sets of LED’s that can display colors independent from one another. There are your front ones that face you and there are the rear ones that act more like a flood light. And in order to get the most out of the G560’s your gaming set up should up against a not too cluttered wall. And you might have to play around with where you place the speakers for optimal results. If the speakers are too far away from a wall or if they just don’t have a surface to shine off of then these speakers aren’t to look as epic as they could. 

Through Logitech’s gaming software you can cycle through a few different lighting modes, you can turn certain LED’s on or off, and you can change the color of these speakers to what ever you’d like. If you play one of the supported games, (and the list is kind of short) then you can use lightsync and experience game driven lighting effects. But personally since I mainly use these speakers for listening to music I like using the audio visualizer setting to get the lights to flash to the beat of my music. 

On top of the right speaker theres a volume rocker and a G-Key. Out of the box G-Key is going to cycle through the RGB lighting’s brightness. But through Logitech’s software you can resign this button to do what ever you want. Personally I made it so it would cycle through some of my equalizer presets. And on the back of the speaker theres an AUX jack, your power button, and a bluetooth button. The G560 are rocking bluetooth 4.1 so you can pair your phone with them and playing your music though there. When you’re playing music through your computer the G560 get unnecessarily loud. Personally the max I’ll go is 75% volume. But when playing music through your phone I feel the G560 don’t get loud enough when set to max volume. 

Obviously through this video you’re not going to be able to feel the amount of chest pounding and wall shaking bass the subwoofer on the G560 gives off. If you’re playing a game you’re going to feel those gun shots and explosions. And if you live in an apartment then your neighbors are going to feel them too. But if you’re going to listen to music with these speakers then I feel the bass almost everything. The satellite speakers have very good mids and highs but the subwoofer just over powers all of that straight out of the box. 

But if you go into Logitech’s gaming software you can easily adjust the G560’s EQ settings. And after lowering the bass and pushing the mids and highs forward the G560 sounds remarkably good. Theres really no tinning  at higher volumes and the G560 do a really good job of preventing any sound distortion, something that was very prevalent on the Logitech Z623. 

Even though I feel the Logitech G560 is a pretty good buy for both gamers and just people like me who like RGB stuff you do have to be ready to live with the G560. The satellite speakers themselves and subwoofer take up a good amount of space. I had to rearrange my whole desk to cram the G560 in and still I had to put the Subwoofer between my feet. If you’re planning on getting the G560 just make sure you have the room for it. And personally I would have really liked if the G560 had more than just one G-key. I would have liked to have multiple programmable buttons on my speaker.