V-MODA BASSFIT Wireless Review - They're Replacing My Powerbeats 3

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I feel V-moda is currently best known for their V-moda crossfade II wireless headphones. And for the longest time V-Moda has tried to establish themselves as that cool Audiophile brand. So thats why I was a little surprised when V-Moda announced their new Bassfit Wireless. Their first wireless headphones for the gym. And I gotta say, for their first time they did a very good job… and besides some minor nitpicks I think they’re pretty good.  But first, a word from one of our partners

Personally I still prefer to use wired bluetooth headphones at the gym instead of truly wireless earbuds because they typically cost less, they fit better, they preform all around better, and you still get to keep your inline controller so you can easily and quickly adjust and skip through your music without having to reach for your phone as often when you’re working out. Like I’ve mentioned in the past I really like and recommend the powerbeats 3 and jaybird X4. But I only recommend picking up the Powerbeats 3 if you can get them on sale for about $130 or less versus their typical retail price of $200. And for comparison, the Jaybird X4’s have a retail price of $130 and so do the new V-moda Bassfit’s. If you want to pick either of these headphones up I’ll have links in the description below, and if you use the links it really helps out the channel.

First Lets go over what comes in the box, the V-moda Bassfit come included with a highly perforated carrying pouch which I think looks pretty cool. They also come included with a whole lot of accessories. They come with a total of 8 pair of ear tips, which I think is over kill… they come with 3 pairs of ear fins and they only come with one pair of ear hooks. Now the ear hooks on  the Bassfit are removable and we’ll dive deeper into this in a minute. But I do wish we got a second pair of ear hooks cause to be frank they are pretty stiff compared to the ear hooks found on the powerbeats 3. So just in case for some reason they snap, wear out, or get lost… I would have liked to have a back up pair just in case instead of having 8 pairs of ear tips. But one of the major nitpicks I have about the Bassfit is their lack of USB-C, they’re still using micro-usb. And given that one plus was able to use USB-C on their $70 bullet wireless headphones… I think more companies in general need to start using USB-C even on their cheaper products now thats is 2019. 

But now lets talk about fit cause it perhaps the most interesting and unique thing about these headphones. Now personally I prefer to have ear hooks on my headphones than just ear fins, thats the main reason why I like the powerbeats  so much. And even though the Jaybird X4 sound great and are all around good, some people just cant use them cause ear fins don’t work for them. But with the Bassfit you can have both… and then some. If you just want to use the ear fins you can do that or if you just want to use the ear hooks you can also do that. Or if you want you can also use the ear fins and ear hooks at the same time. And personally, I didn’t expect like this TriFit design so much. Out of all of the sports wireless earbuds I’ve ever used I don’t think any have them have been as secure as the Bassfit. But I do have to point a few things out. The ear fins that come included with the Bassfit are flexible and they’re comfortable… and they’re just as comfortable as Jaybird’s ear fins. But the ear hooks that come included with the Bassfit are a lot stiffer than the ear hooks found on powerbeats so they’re not as comfortable. But once you adjust them to your liking you’ll been fine.

Regarding tech specs, V-moda advertises a battery life of 11 hours on their Bassfit Wireless and I’ve been able to go 4 to five workouts in between charges with these headphones. Which is the same that the powerbeats 3 would usually last me and its a little better than the Jaybird X4. The Bassfit’s also have fast charging where they’ll get you 2 and a half hours of playback time from 15 minutes of charging from a dead battery. Which is also similar to what you would find on the Powerbeats 3 and its significantly better than the fast charging on the Jaybird X4. 

And when it comes to bluetooth the Bassfits are rocking bluetooth 4.2, they have Aptx support which is good for android users, they can be connected to 2 devices at the same time and if you’re an iPhone user they’re good for watching videos while you’re on the treadmill cause they have very little latency. But when it comes to their bluetooth range you defiantly want to keep your phone nearby. These are definitely a hard stop at 30 feet and if you get pieces of workout equipment between you and your phone you’re going to start hearing some stuttering. 

But when it comes to their sound quality the V-Moda Bassfit’s sound and perform very similarly to the powerbeats 3. They have an emphasis on the bass but more importantly the highs don’t get tinny or blown out. And just a heads up, these headphones also get a little louder than the powerbeats 3 and significantly louder than the X4’s. And Personally I think they sound perfectly fine for workout headphones and I like having a lot of bass in my music when I’m working out. But unlike the Jaybird X4’s, the Bassfits don’t have an app or adjustable EQ. So if you’re someone who likes to have direct control over their headphone’s sound signature you’re still better off just picking something up from Jaybird’s Line up. 

And like I mentioned earlier, on of the biggest reasons I still prefer to use wired bluetooth earbuds at the gym over truly wireless earbuds is because of the inline controller. And the inline controller on the Bassfit’s has the same set up as the one found on the powerbeats. You’ve got your volume up and volume down buttons… and theres a multipurpose button in the center. Press once to play or pause, double press to skip a track and triple press to go back a track. And the center button also acts as a power on button. But another nitpick I have about these headphones is the way you turn them off. You have to press and hold the center button down of 5 seconds to power these headphones off. 

But over all, I think the V-Moda bassfit wireless are a very decent pair of workout headphones. Its obvious V-Moda tried to copy the powerbeats 3 but added their own touch with their new trifit design, magnetically attaching earbuds, and they even through in Aptx support for the android users. I think the Bassfit’s are adequately priced at $130 but if they go on sale in the future then they’re even easier to justify. The only thing I wish the Bassfit’s had was USB-C. But either way, the Bassfit’s will be added to my stable of favorite workout bluetooth earbuds.