SkullCandy Crusher Wireless Headphones Review

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Guys, I have a confession to make... I'm a bass head. And some people have said that I should review the skull candy crusher wireless headphones. So that's what I'm about to do. If you're also a bass head… are the Skullcandy Crusher wireless right for you? We’re about to find out! Don't forget to like comment and subscribe and you can watch some of my other videos here after you're done watching this video. 

The skull candy crusher wireless headphones have been on the market for awhile now and at first they used to retail for $199.99. But now can get them for around $150 or a little less from most places. And they come in two color ways, black or gray and tan. But I think the black ones look way better. If you want to pick these headphones up I'll have links in the description below and I'll keep it updated so you can get the best deal possible

First I have to give credit where credit is due. The build quality of the skull candy crusher for their price point is amazing. The majority of the body is covered in soft touch rubber, there's a sturdy stainless steel headband and there's absolutely no shifting or squeaking of the surface panels when bending, flexing or folding these headphones. The build quality of these headphones is better than some headphones that retail for $300 like the JBL everest elite 750 NC. BUT I think the skullcandy crusher fall short when it comes to the padding and breathe ability of the of the ear cups and headband. Sure the padding on the ear cups is plush, but i feel the faux leather surrounding the memory foam traps too much heat. Like a lot of other headphones, these fold up for storage but they can not lay down flat. the ear cups them selves can pivot back and forth very little but they do not swivel. And there are exposed wires on either side, but personally i like the industrial look of it. There are only 3 buttons on the right ear cup to control your music playback and activate Siri and on the bottom of the left ear cup there's and aux jack and USB port for charging. And unique to the Skull candy crusher, theres a slider on the left ear cup to adjust how much bass these headphones have. The skull candy crushers also come included with some good quality cables but I want to bring some attention to its soft shell carrying case. Again, at this price point the included carrying case is amazing. It reminds of a NorthFace jacket. It's a rough polyester outer shell but the inside is so furry and plush. I just love putting my hand in there. There's also pockets on the inside so you can keep your cables organized. The soft shell carrying case included with the crushers is way better than the one included in the slightly more expensive Sony XB950N1. 

Now when it comes to tech specs, these headphones have an amazing battery life. they advertise a battery life of 40 hours, but honestly I’ve managed to get more than that at lower volumes. none the less, a 40 hour battery life is impressive. unfortunately there is no quick charging. And when it comes to range I've managed to keep a clear connection with my phone up to 35 feet away. pretty standard. there is an onboard microphone for calls but your voice might get a little echo at times and you really have to speak up so people on the phone can hear you. 

When it comes to comfort i don't think these headphones will suit everyone. these headphones have a lot of clamping force and it does cause so discomfort in the jaw area after some time. I did hope these head phones would break in after awhile but even after testing them for 2 weeks theres still some discomfort. And since the ear cups don't swivel or pivot too much the ear cups don't rest on my head like they should. And not to mention the ear cups do warm up very fast. I cant wear these headphones for long periods of time. 

Concerning sound quality, these head phones are called the Skull Candy crusher cause they will crush your head with all that bass. but too much bass can be a bad thing, if you have the slider all the way up then the bass is just going to muddle the over all sound but it does tickle your ears. but the mid and highs are also too forward and the highs do cause consistent discomfort. Personally i think these sound best at around 70 percent volume and with the bass slider at around a little below the half way mark. 

But something i really don't like about these head phones are the controls. in order to skip or go back a track you have to press and hold the plus or minus button for 3 seconds. I hate when headphones do that it takes too long. I would much rather double press or triple press the center button its faster and more efficient. 

And even though these headphones claim to be noise isolating, the passive noise isolation on these head phones don't do a great job of blocking out any outside sounds. they even allow a lot of sound leaking. So much so that when i was on the bus in New York people repeatedly asked me to turn down the music. So that might be a problem for you if you plan on commuting with these head phones or use them at school or at the office. and also as a side note, even though you can remove the ear pads off of these headphones for cleaning, it take a lot of fence and patience to put them back on. So just be warned.  

In conclusion, I feel skull candy is on the right track to something amazing. I can not say enough good things about the build quality of the Skullcandy crusher and its included carrying case. But skull candy needs to go in and rework the head band and they need to add some range of motion to those ear cups so they can sit correctly on people’s heads. They also need to improve the sound quality of the Crushers like sony did from the XB950BT to the XB950N1, they cleaned up the bass and the over all sound quality. Battery life on the crusher is amazing, I’ll give them that… and Bass heavy headphones really don't need active noise cancelation. Skull candy just needs to make some minor changes to their Crushers to have some spot on bass focused headphones and I wouldn't mind if they also changed the button layout. But who knows, with IFA going on in Europe and CES in a few months Skull candy might announce an updated version of the Skull Candy Crusher, the third time might be the charm. But right now, I wouldn't recommend these to someone looking for headphones.