DJI Spark Vs Wingsland S6

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when i first saw the wings land S6 i though oh great a small compact drone that i can use to make a proper versus video against the DJI Spark, cause i already did a DJI Phantom 3 vs DJI Spark Video which you can watch right here. But then I tried flying the Wingsland S6 and the thing is a disaster, there was no way i was going to make a proper versus video, but I'm still going to do a video about it. The S6 gave me a whole new sense of appreciation for my DJI Spark and i just want to show you how awesome the Spark really is. Dont for get to like, comment, and subscribe. And theres a link if you want to pick up the DJI Spark Below.

DJI Spark

At first glance the Wingsland S6 looks awesome. Its a small drone that actually folds up and you can actually put it in your pocket. It even won a design award. It has a 13 mega pixel camera an it can shoot in 4k. it has a removable battery, and just like the DJI Spark you can control it with your smartphone. and it retails for $400. But actually using this thing is near impossible. 

If you thought the 18 minute flight time of the DJI Spark sucked just wait until you hear what the flight time on the Wingsland S6 is. The box advertises the S6 as having a 10 minute flight time but really its more like 7 or 8 minutes. you might be able to get 10 minutes of flight time if all you do is hover. One of the things that makes the DJI Spark so convenient is that you can charge it with a micro USB Cable. you don't even have to take out the Battery out of the Spark. And even if you did want to take out the battery out of the spark its super easy. 

With the wingsland S6 you actually have to take out the battery and put it in a charging cradle to charge it. But taking the battery out of the Wingsland S6 is really difficult if you don't have nails. Just watch me try to take this battery out. (Struggle to take out battery)

And the charge time on these batteries is also very different. In order to get a full charge on the DJI Spark it'll take about 80 minutes, but to get a full charge on the Wingsland S6 it takes around 2 hours for half of the flight time the Spark gets. 

DJI Spark Review

Half the fun of owning a drone is actually flying it, and every time the Wingsland S6 takes off you don't know if its coming back or not. controlling the wings land S6 is like coaching your drunk friend to walk. you tell them to take 2 steps to the left but they trip and fall every single time. when the Wingsland S6 is a hovering you constantly have to manually adjust it, and keeping it steady after it gets hit by a gust of wind is near imposable. And if you do to many quick micro adjustments on the Wingswland S6 it'll eventually spiral out of control. I’ve already lost control of this drone three times and i had to crash land it. once into a tree the second into the ground and the third into a fence. I guess the software on the S6 doesn't know how to counteract the extra momentum when you adjust the aircraft or maybe the poor control is a result of the small propellers on the S6. and even if you do manage to safely land the S6 don't go and grab it right away. The S6 gets really hot, especially the motors. 

The DJI Spark also gets a little warm after flying but nothing like the S6. actually flying the spark is very easy and precise. I have never lost control of my DJI spark and it even helps you from crashing it thanks to its 3d sensing system on the front. It can even handle gusts of wind likechamp, the spark is so great it can even fly it self. I have no problem sending the Spark way up high, above water, or even out of sight. And getting pictures or videos with spark is much easier and they look better. The DJI Spark’s camera is a on a 2 axis gimbal and you can even adjust the pitch of the camera from your phone. The gimbal and digital image stabilization gives you very level shot so you can get the perfect picture every time. 

Wingsland S6

The wings land S6 camera is on a no axis gimbal. All it has is digital image stabilization and getting pictures and videos with the S6 is a challenge. since you cant adjust the pitch of the camera you have to play with the altitude of the air craft. And actually watching the footage from the Wingsland S6 on your computer of even on your phone while you're flying it gives you motion sickness. 

You can control both of these drones from your phone and the software is very reminiscent of one another. But DJI’s software and UI is much more refined and and easier to use. DJI does a great job of giving a good amount of range and the feed is usually consistent. Wingsland’s app on the other hand struggles too give a consistitant live feed of what the drone sees and the controls can lag from time to time, which make controlling the S6 even harder. and like i said earlier, since the S6 dosnt have a gimbal, the live feed you see from the drone on your phone can give you motion sickness. And the worst part about the Wingsand App is that sometimes the video files will be corrupted or it'll say that its recording but its actuality not. I actually had to go back to location the get the same shots with the S6 i got the day before because i suffered these problems.  

I can go on and on about how bad the S6 is but i think you've got the message. I thought this foldable drone had a lot potential but its been nothing but a nightmare. All the Wingsland S6 did was make me appreciate my DJI Spark even more. If for some reason you were thinking about getting the Wingsland S6 over the DJI Spark don't do it. Just spend the extra $100 and spring for the Spark, you'll thank me later.