iMac Pro First Impression

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iMac Pro Review

Apple’s WWDC June 2017 Keynote went as many people expected it to. Apple announced the HomePod, a smart speaker that focuses on music and sound quality but also takes on Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. They also updated their whole MacBook and iMac line up. I’m particularity excited about the new MacBooks with Kaby lake processors. They also released a new 10.5 inch screen iPad pro that for some reason isn't getting too much attention. And as you'd expect apple also previewed their upcoming MacOs High Sierra and iOS 11. But something that completely came out of left field was their new iMac Pro. I don't think anyone expected that from apple. And when Tim Cook said this was going to be Apple’s biggest WWDC ever, he wasn't joking. Please remember to Like and Subscribe!

Apple has already admitted that their current Mac Pro isn't the best and they are working on releasing a brand new Mac Pro that creatives and power users are going to love. And I feel the iMac Pro is going to bridge the gap between a Fully Speced out iMac and a base level next generation Mac Pro. Cause it’ll be unfair to use the current Mac Pro as a comparison. And to be honest, I think getting an iMac Pro is the definition of playing with fire. The starting price of the New iMac Pro is going to be $4999 and you cant upgrade it. And Im willing to bet self repair is out of the question. But to be honest, I kind of really want one. 

The iMac Pro is supposed to start shipping in December, but like i said in my HomePod first impression video, shameless plug go watch it after this, can we trust apple to not delay the release date like they did with their last few products. As of right now it looks like Apple is going to start shipping their HomePod, iMacPro, and presumably their new iPhone in December. I just hope Apple didn't bite off more than what they can chew. 

iMac Pro

So the starting configuration of the iMac Pro, the one that is going to retail for $4999 is as follows. Obviously it comes in the same body as your standard 27 inch iMac. You get a Retina 5K Display, Theres an 8-Core Xenon Processor which you can upgrade all the way to 18 cores, You get the all new Radeon Vega Graphics card, 32GB of ECC memory which you can upgrade to 128GB, a 1 terabyte solid state drive, which you can upgrade to 4 terabytes, 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, one SD card Slot, a Headphone jack, and a 10 giga bit ethernet port. 

The screen it self is supposed to go up to 500 nits making the screen 43% brighter and its going to hit One billion colors so you can make sure what ever you're working on is as color accurate as possible. and if one 27 inch display isn't enough for you, you can also plug in up to 2 5K displays through either of the thunderbolt 3 ports for a total of 44 million pixel. An iMac running all of those pixels was unheard of just a few years ago. 

But what does all this mean? It means everyone from video editors to 3D animators, to musicians, to software developers, to scientists can work and run huge extensive programs that people only thought dedicated work stations could run. I remember having to wait hours for my workstation at college to render my 3D models or lagging on a regular basis while i worked in Rhino. The iMac Pro on the other hand makes that look like child play. 

And i think the iMac Pro is going to be the perfect workstation for creatives and professionals to just work. they'll be able to produce the best products and results all while not having to worry building or maintaining a costume set up. For me for example an iMac pro would be perfect, I’ll be able to produce video in 4K something i cant do cause of my current set up, plug in a 5k secondary monitor, and have a whole bunch of apps running in the back ground with out any issues all from just one computer straight out of the box. 

And like MKBHD said a few weeks ago, matte black all of the things. The Space Gray finish on the iMac pro, the Magic mouse, and Magic Track pad all look great. and not to mention that Matte Black full key board with number pad is also just the perfect finish touch. Now I'm kind of curious what a fully Speced out iMac Pro would look like. I’m guessing maybe around 12 or 15 thousand dollars. But now I'm also very curious about what to expect from the next generation Mac Pro. Will the base Mac Pro retail for slight more or less than the base iMac Pro? What kind Specs will we see from a fully Speced out Mac Pro? And how much will it cost?

There are so many questions, and we’ll only get the answers in December hopefully. But I think this year's World Wide Developers Conference is among the top 3 Apple has ever had. Maybe Number 2, cause nothing will beat when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007. It literally changed our lives, you’re probably watching this on an iPhone right now! But comment below! what did you think about this years WWDC? What was your favorite announcement? And Are you going to get an iMac Pro? Or if you don't have the money, would you at least want one? Let Me know!

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