JBL Everest Elite 750 NC Review

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JBL everest elite 750 NC review

I’m a huge fan of the JBL Flip 4, its small, it sound relatively good for its size, and its pretty durable. And I cant wait to get a hold of the new JBL pulse 3, but while we wait for that i thought it would be a good idea to review JBL’s latest drop the Everest Elite 750NC. These are JBL’s newest Noise Canceling Earphones, so are they worth the money? lets find out. don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. 

The JBL Everest Elite 750NC currently come in 3 colors ways.. blue, gun metal and sliver. personally i like the blue ones cause they stand out. comment below and let me know which color way you like best. These earphones currently retail for $299. If you want to pick these up I’ll have links in the description below and I’ll keep them updated so you can get the best deals possible. And if you're looking for deals on other headphones check out my friends over at Rizknows they find deals on almost everything. 

Ok, so lets go over what comes in the box. Obviously you get the ear phones, but you also get a hard shell carrying case which i really like. theres a pocket on the outside and theres another pocket on the inside. Theres even a little loop so you can attach the case to your back pack. Inside the case theres another case that holds your micro usb cable, audio cable, and that weird 2 prong adapter that planes still insist in using. seriously why do they still use those. 

So the earphones themselves are super light weight. probably because they are mostly made out of plastic. the ear cups go over your ear and theres a good amount of padding. but there isn't as much padding on the head band, but i don't really mind it. the right ear cup has all of the controls. theres a power button, a volume and playback control rocker a micro usb port, a bluetooth button and a smart button (more on those in a second). 

JBL Everest Elite 750 NC Accessories

I just want to point out that comfort wise these get an eleven out of ten. the clamping force on the head phone is just perfect so it doesn't feel like its squeezing your head. And since they're so light weight you don't have to constantly readjust them. I have no issues wearing these head phones for an extended period of time. They're are comfortable as the bose QC35 but at a slightly cheaper price. 

unfortunately, the buttons on the JBL Everest elite 750NC feeling anything but ELITE. sure they have great tactile feed back but they are very hard to tell apart by just touch. in order to turn them on you just slide the power button up for a few seconds until the light turns blue. in order to adjust the volume you just press the volume rocker up or down. in order to play or pause your music you just press the center button once. If you want skip a track you press and hold the the volume up button and if you want to go back a track you press and hold the volume down button. and if you want to activate siri you double press the center button. personally i really don't like this set up, it makes skipping tracks longer than it should and it makes going back a track a little more difficult than it should. I prefer double or triple pressing the play pause button to control my music playback. Its much quicker. 

Concerning battery life, JBL claims these headphones will get you 20 hours of playback time with noise canceling off. and JBL claims a battery life of 15 hours with noise canceling ON. But in my own test with noise canceling on and the head phones set at 75 percent volume i got a better life of 12 hours. so its not the greatest compared to others on the market, but they do quick charge in 3 hours. concerning wireless connectivity… JBL decided to use Bluetooth 4.0 on these head phones. they have no problem keeping a clear connection through multiple walls but they only have a range of about 60 feet with direct line of sight. and since they only use bluetooth 4.0 you can only be paired to one device at a time. So if you're using your headphones with your phone and now you want to listen to something on your laptop, you have to go through the set up process every single time you're switching source. unlike blue tooth 4.2 where you can pair 2 devices at the same time and easily switch between the two without needing to go through the set up process. Im just surprised JBL decided to use Bluetooth 4.0 instead of Bluetooth 4.2. 

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When it comes to sound quality these ear phones sound OK. i feel that the sound stage is a little narrow and the instrument separation could be better. But they have great vocal separation, the bass is decent, and the highs are clear to a certain extent. if you're listening to something with a lot of bass or really high highs then thats where these head phones start to suffer. the bass will get muddled out and the highs just get blown out. these headphones don't have too much range on them. and they aren't that loud either, which might be a good thing thing in the long run cause they'll save your hearing. 

But the active noise canceling is really good. you can even adjust how much noise canceling you want through JBL’s headphones app. If you're walking in the city and you want to be aware of your surroundings you can set them to ambient awareness high and they'll funnel in some of the ambient noise. if you want to escape from the world and you don't want to hear anything you can set them to ambient awareness Low and block out everything. you can even set different ambient awareness levels in each ear. But something i did find in my testing was that if you set these head phones to the lowest ambient awareness setting they do cause a bit of a head ache, but thats just me. and remember that smart button i mentioned earlier? you can cycle through the different ambient awareness levels with a single tap. 

concerning JBL’s app, its pretty good. it laid out well and works without any issues… unlike other apps out there. theres an equalizer with pre-set settings and you can even make and name your own Custom EQ. and since its saved to the firmware of the headphones the EQ settings will follow you everywhere. you can also see what your current battery status is on the head phones. 

The biggest difference between the JBL Everest Elite 750NC and the JBL Everest Elite 700 besides a smaller form factor is that the 750NC now have an Echo Canceling microphone. People didn't even know i was talking to them through my headphones and the call quality was crystal clear for them. And i could speak in my normal voice unlike other headphones where i have to speak a little louder so the mic can hear me clearly. 

So whats the verdict on the JBL Everest Elite 750NC, well they're ok. the button layout needs some improvement and the sound quality didn't blow me away. They sound good in the middle of the spectrum but the highs and bass get muddled when certain music is playing. They're very comfortable to wear and the noise cancellation is very good. i really like being able to set my ambient awareness level. But the battery life needs improvement and I really don't know why JBL decided to use bluetooth 4.0 on a pair of $300 headphones in 2017. It makes using these headphones with multiple devices harder than it should these days with bluetooth 4.2 or Apple’s W1 chip. If these were priced at $250 or less then yeah, but i wouldn't pay $300 for these.