Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Review Cream White AKA Triple White

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well, I'm a little excited today cause i just managed to get my first pair of yeezy’s after taking L’s on both the Breds and the zebra yeezy. And with summer coming up, having an all white pair of yeezys in my collection means i’ll look good at this year’s cook outs. But getting these yeezy’s wasn't so easy, and i thought id share that story with you guys. At first i tried to get raffle tickets from my local finish line store, but when i actually there with my friends the clrek told us they ran out of raffle tickets. So we basically went there for no reason. The next day i tried to reserve my pair on the adidas confirmed app but when the time came the adidas confirmed app decided to crash on me.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White

Then the next day my friends told me Pacsun was having a raffle and we made plans to go get raffle tickets later in the day. But when we were getting ready to leave I had to cancel last minute to do a favor for my mom. And i mean, you cant say no to your momma right?! I wasn't going to be like “Sorry Mom, i cant do you your favor cause I'm going to get a raffle ticket so that i can have the opportunity to buy a pair of Shoes” But i did manage to get my raffle ticket from Pacsun later in the day after I did that favor. But after I got my raffle ticket I waited all day friday hopping to get a call from Pacsun but it never came. So i was like damn it i didnt win the shoes. So the next day I got up and went to the gym to workout chest like i do every saturday morning. So I'm bench pressing and i make my way up to my 275 singles and then my phone rings while I'm working my way out of the hole. And the phone call went a little like this. A young lady says “Hi This is Sarah From Pacsun, I just wanted to let you that unfortunately one of the initial winners of our Yeezy raffle didn't pick up their pair by 12pm today so we had to redraw another winner and that winner was you” So after I was finished with my workout I went home, showered and changed and pick up these guys up. 

So yeah, these are the cream white yeezy 350 V2. they are super clean and they have that super iconic silhouette. But i really like the subtle textures at play on the prime of this shoe. if you look really closely these shoes still have the classic stripe on the side, its not in a contrasting color but but you can see the change in the texture. Also these shoes arent solid white, they're a little off white hence the name cream. Down the center of the shoe you'll see the stitching, and that stitching is truly white and hopefully you'll be able to see the difference. another subtle detail i like about these shoes is how the textures meet down the middle.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Review

On the back of the shoe you'll see a pull tab without any contrasting stitching. and above that you'll see another pull tab with the adidas logo on it. and those 3 stripes are 3m. The midsole on these shoes is also off-white and you can still see the boost underneath. and on the bottom of the shoe you can see cut outs and see more of the boost material. Concerning fit, these shoes are a little tighter than i expected. These are my first pair of yeezy and I got a size ten and i can see now why a lot people say go a size half up. I mean I’m going to keep getting size 10 yeezy’s but if you have a wider foot then you should go up half a size. 

But yeah, these are the triple white yeezy 350 v2. they're super clean and super dope. I just feel lucky i won the raffle after Pacsun had to redraw another winner cause someone didnt pick their pair up. Who know’s these might be my new lucky shoes. actually, as i was walking around the mall after i picked these up some guy who was holding 4 yeezy boxes ran up to me and said he would give me $400 for mine. He was clearly going to resell them. and me being me replied “Nah if you want these you gotta do $600” So what do you think, should i have sold them for $400? How much do you think the cream white yeezy will re-sell for? People don't think prices will go so high cause there are so may of them.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Olive

But comment below and let me know what you think. Even if he did offer me $600 i think i would have still said no cause I just really wanted yeezys. Maybe if i win the next pair of yeezys then i might resell sell those, I'm not a huge fan of the next olive ones to drop. But let me know, did you manage to cop the cream white yeezy? did you take an L? What do you think about the Next color way thats dropping? comment below.