Nike Metcon Repper DSX Vs Reebok Crossfit Speed TR

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If you want to perform well in a work out sometimes you need to invest in the right type of shoes. And both nike and reebok are working hard to get your money with their Metcon 3 and Nano 7. But whether because you just don't like the metcon 3 or nano 7 or just want to save some money, both companies still have you covered with their slightly more affordable options. Nike has their Repper DSX and Reebok has their Crossfit Speed TR. So lets see which you should get. 

So, the nike metcon Repper DSX retail for one hundred bucks and come in 4 different color ways. The Reebok Crossfit Speed TR retails for $99.99 and now comes in 6 color ways. Its a safe bet to say that more color ways for each shoe will continue to drop here and there. As always, I’ll have links in the description below if you want to pick either one of these up. 

I’ve reviewed both of these crossfit shoes already, but heres a quick run down of each. Both the Nike Metcon Repper DSX and Reebok Crossfit Speed TR have mesh uppers. The mesh upper on the Repper DSX is a little thicker and not as tight as the mesh upper on the Speed TR. But over all, the Upper on the Repper DSX is more durable than the upper on the Speed TR. Built into the mesh upper of the Metcon Repper DSX is Nike’s Fly wire system. and as always, the fly wire system really helps with compression and lock down when you tighten your laces. You get much better lock down in the Nike Metcon Repper DSX than in the Reebok Crossfit Speed TR. One Benefit the Crossfit Speed TR has over the Repper DSX is its padded tongue. Although you can get a lot of compression and lock down from the fly wire system on the Repper DSX, it dosnt matter if theres a lot of pressure and discomfort on the instep of your foot due the Repper’s paper thin tongue. 

These shoes also have very different soles on them. for starters the sole on the nike metcon Repper DSX is derived from the nike metcon 2. they have been slightly redesigned with flex grooves in the forefoot area for flexibly. traction is ok, but no where near as good as the traction on the reebok crossfit speed tr. the outsole on the speed tr is basically designed to give you the most traction possible. both of these outsoles are also designed to help give you traction when rope climbing as well. but the rope pro on the speed tr is so small it really dosnt help at all. where as the outsole on the metcon Repper DSX gives you all the traction your heart desires when rope climbing. both of these shoes also have flared out heels for stability when lifting and they both feel identical. One feature that sets the two shoes apart is the TPU heel clip found on the Speed TR and not on the Repper DSX. which is a little ironic cause the Metcon 2 and 3 have heel clips while the Nano 6.0 and 7 don’t. and if you didnt know, the TPU heel clip allow your heels to glide on a wall when you’re doing hand standing wall push ups. 

concerning fit, the Metcon Repper DSX are true to size while the Reebok crossfit speed tr does tend to fit a little big. So going down half a size is a good idea. working out in either of these shoes feel very different. The Reebok Crossfit Speed TR are really good for WODS that call for a lot of sprints, and runs. they give you a lot of traction and padding. some might even say too much traction. The Nike Metcon Repper DSX on the other hand handles both sprints and moderate weight lifting fairly well. like i said in my initial review, these shoes really don't have preference when it comes to working out. 

Over all for $100 bucks both the Reebok Crossfit Speed TR and Nike Metcon Repper DSX are both solid options. As the name implies, the Reebok Crossfit Speed TR are better suited for WODs or circuit training that involve a lot of speed drills. One bonus the Speed TR has over the Repper DSX is that heel clip, so if you do a lot of wall hand standing push ups these will come in handy. The Nike Metcon Repper DSX on the other hand are much more well rounded. I even like them better than the metcon 3 and nano 7. these shoes have no problem going from sprints to weight lifting and back. If you do decide to pick these up you'll be fine going true to size.

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