Nike Repper DSX Review

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Back in January nike released their Metcon 3 training shoe. And after working out in them and reviewing them I found that they are a great shoe for aerobic workouts for the most part. And now Nike has released their Metcon Repper DSX shoe at a slightly more affordable price than their metcon 3. So how does they stack up? Lets find out. 

The Nike Metcon Repper DSX is slightly more affordable than the nike Metcon 3. They retail for $100 compared to the Metcon 3’s $130 price. But just because they're less expensive than the metcon 3 it dosnt mean they don't preform just as well. The Repper DSX also currently comes in 4 color ways and knowing nike, i bet there are more on the way. I’ll have links in the description below if you want to pick these up. Comment below and let me know which color way is your favorite.

although these are basically the Metcon 3’s little brother, I actually like these a little more. The Nike Metcon Repper DSX shares an outsole that is very similar to the nike Metcon 2. The rubber is very sticky and the tread pattern dosnt allow for any slipping like the tread pattern on the Metcon 3 do. The outsole also comes up the sides of the shoe so that you can get a little more traction when youre rope climbing. One big difference between the Metcon 3 and Metcon Repper DSX is the omission of the TPU Heel clip on the back that allow your feet to glide on a wall if youre doing hand standing push ups. Although the Repper DSX has grooves in the fore foot area of the shoe, they aren't nearly as flexible as the metcon 3. But when it comes to fit, these shoes are very true to size. They fit much better than the metcon 3, theres absolutely no heel slipping and theres no squeaking when you walk in them. 2 very major criticisms the metcon 3 and 2 have right now. 

The upper of the shoe is made out of a woven material. Its not nike’s fly knit material so its not as stretchy, but it is still very breathable. There are over lays all around the shoe to help with construction and durability. You will also find nike’s fly wire system which as always really helps with compression when you tighten your laces. Unfortunately nike still insists on using this paper thin tongue that gives you zero padding. So if you really tighten your laces you get a lot of pressure on the instep of your foot. But at least it doesn't shift around when you're running or walking in the Repper DSX. The RepperDSX also has a lot of padding in the ankle area of the shoe, and unlike the Metcon 3 they actually give you lots of ankle support. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I kind of like the Metcon Repper DSX more than the Nike Metcon 3. sure they could use some up grades like a more breathable mesh upper and maybe bring back the TPU heel clip like on the metcon 3. But over all the Metcon Repper DSX is a much better rounded shoe than the Metcon 3. its sole is padded enough for runs and sprints, but its still sturdy enough to feel stable when doing light to mid weight squats and over head presses. Sure these shoes aren't the best for Olympics lifts cause of their soft sole, but they shine in a WOD. which i think these are really intended for. 

Over all I believe the Metcon Repper DSX is what the Metcon 3 should have a been, a training shoe that performs fairly well in almost every aspect of training. Where as the Metcon 3 really favor a more aerobic style of training, the Repper DSX does well when you run or sprint, and then does just as good when you lift in them with moderate weight. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, training or crossfit shoes have a really tough job to do. they have to be padded and flexible enough for runs and sprints but sturdy and stable enough to do heavy lifts in them. and for the most part training shoes are only ok at both of these. sure the Metcon RepperDSX is no exception to this, but they still do very well.

In conclusion, The Metcon RepperDSX is a very well rounded shoe that performs right in the middle of the training spectrum. i dont even know if thats even a thing. But they preform equally well for runs, lifts, and plyometrics training. They have no favorite. Their woven mesh upper gives you a lot of breathability and give you a very secure fit. Their nike metcon 2 derived outsole give you the traction you need but has been slightly redesigned for slightly more flexibility. If youre going to pick these up you'll be fine going true to size.

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