Beats Solo 3 Vs Sony XB950N1

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Sony XB950N1 Black

Whats up everyone! So today I'm doing a versus video between the Sony XB950N1 and the Beats Solo 3. A good friend of mine is in the market for some head phones and they don't really want to spend more than $300. He's also a big fan of Hip Hop and R&B so naturally the Sony XB950N1 and the Beats Solo 3 came to mind. So lets compare the two. 

So money wise, the sony XB950N1 retail for around $250 and come in two color ways, black or green. The Beats Solo 3 come in 8 different color ways and when it comes to price things get a little interesting. Apple’s site currently sells them for $299.95, but i found an awesome deal directly from amazon where the gloss black ones are for sale for $189.99. And you can get most of the other colors for $219 or less. I’m not sure how long this deal will last, but i’ll have links in the description below so you can get either one. 

Beats Solo 3 Black

Sure Both the Sony XB950N1 and the Beats Solo 3 are made mostly out of plastic and they have very similar build qualities. But These two products are very different from one another and i believe they target two very different consumers. These two headphones have 2 very different designs. The sony head phones are on the larger side and like iv said in past videos, you can still see them in your peripheral vision when you put them on. Some people might even say they feel silly walking around with them on in public. The Sony XB950N1 also have two very important features the Beats Solo 3 don’t have and thats Noise cancelation and an extra bass feature. But the Beats Solo 3 also have two features the Sony XB950N1 dosnt have and thats the W1 chip and fast charging capabilities. And not to mention, their smaller size make them a whole lot easier to travel with. 

Like i just said, I think sony and beats by dre AKA apple are gunning for two very different consumers. although the sony head phones are larger, their ear cups go over the ear which results in added comfort and better passive noise isolation. They also have an extra bass feature which is meant for people who absolutely love base. You can even adjust how much bass they have through their smart phone app. The sony XB950N1 also have Active noise cancelation which does a very decent job. Its not as good as the Bose QC35, but the noise cancelation is still very good. this leads me to believe that sony is really trying to cater to audiophiles looking for something relatively affordable. 

Beats Solo 3 Review

Apple on the other hand seems to be catering for the average joe every day user. The beats solo 3 have a 40 hour battery life which just destroys the sony xb950n1’s 22 hour battery life. They also have apple’s new W1 chip that just makes switching between either of your apple devices super easy. Sure the Sony XB950N1 have bluetooth 4.1 and pair with up to 2 devices simultaneously, but switching between different devices just isn't as seamless as the beats solo 3. So if you're heavily invested into apple’s eco system the W1 chip might matter a lot. The beats solo 3 also feature fast fuel which will get you 3 hours of play back from just 5 minutes of charging. And if you’re always on the go, this feature can really come in handy. Apple is really pushing their “it just works” philosophy with these. 

Sound wise, beats by dre have always been bass heavy and the beats solo 3 are no exception. They sound a little better than the beats solo 2, but thats not saying much. The bass on the Solo 3 can be a little over powering at times, the highs can get a little tinny and the sound stage isn't as wide as other headphones in the $300 price bracket. The Sony XB950N1 on the other hand sound way better. And as the box implies, these head phones have a lot of bass to them. But unlike the beats solo 3, the bass on the sony Xb950n1 isn't over powering, its very clear, and they actually add to the listening experience instead of reducing the over all sound quality. 

Like i mentioned earlier, traveling with the Beats Solo 3 can be a little easier due to their smaller size. and they also come included with a soft shell carrying case. it dosnt do much… but i do prefer it over the pouch sony includes with their XB950N1. If you do decide to travel with the XB950N1, it would be a good idea to invest in a 3rd party hard shell case. 

Sony Extra Bass XB950N1 Green

Over all, sony and apple took two very different approaches with their headphones. Apple decided to push their “it just works” philosophy by giving the beats solo 3 a 40 hour battery life, fast fuel, and a w1 chip that makes switching between your apple devices a breeze. but the beats solo 3 aren't the most comfortable headphones out there and their send quality is just… meh. Sony on the other hand is trying to give premium features at a reasonable price. The Active Noise Cancelation on the Sony XB950N1 is decent and they generally sound really good. Not to mention, their extra bass feature really help make them stand out. But their larger size and shorter battery life can be a set back if you're always on the go with them. not to mention reverting back to bluetooth 4.1 after using the W1 chip for awhile can be a little annoying. (first world problems). If i had to choose between the two, I would pick the Sony XB950N1 hands down. But getting the Gloss Black Beats Solo 3 for $189.99 is a pretty solid deal. 

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