Soul Electronics X-TRA Wireless Headphone Review

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Personally, i like wearing wireless ear buds when i work out. specifically my Powerbeats 3. but there are some people out there that prefer to wear over the ear headphones when working out. But wearing the beats solo 3 isn't the best option at the gym. And Soul electronics knows this, and thats why they made their X-TRA Wireless Headphones. So how do they compare? lets find out. 

The X-TRA currently come in two colors ways. You can get an all black one or you can get one with blue accents. And they currently retail for $149.99. Link to pick these up will be in the description below. 

Packaging here is very nice actually. it feels very premium. when you open the lid the carrying case is front and center. under that you'll some warranty information and a users manual you’re really going to need. you get a hard clam shell case, more on this in just a second. inside you'll find the actual head phones, a headphone cable, and a micro usb cable. 

the headphones themselves are very light weight. they're made mostly out of plastic and the over all quality is ok. its what i would expect from a pair of $150 over the head phones. I can see the head band snapping in half if you were to flex it too much. theres also a hard silicon head band that offers minimal padding and does prevent the head phones from slipping if you’re sweaty. the padding on the ear cups themselves are much stiffer and not as breathable than what you would find on on other headphones. These ear phones are wireless and connect with your standard bluetooth connection. in order to power them on you just press and hold the middle button found on the right ear cup. you can all adjust the volume by pressing the plus or minus button. if you want to skip a track you have to press and hold the plus button for 2 seconds and if you want to go back a track you have the press and hold the minus button for 2 seconds. in order to play or pause your music just press the center button once. and if you want to redial your last call just double click the center button. over all the buttons are very tactile but they aren't very easy to tell apart buy just touch. and when it comes to sound quality these earphones aren't the best. 

But these earphones aren't supposed to be your daily drivers that you wear while relaxing around the house or on long trips. These ear phones are meant to be worn exclusively at the gym. thats why they're so light weight and relatively low profile. the ear cups also snap off super easily so that you can wash them and air dry them after your workout. these earphones also have built in LED’s on the back which you can turn on and off or even have them blink if you want to. personally i don't know of any other headphones that have this feature, and its great if you like to run outside at night. 

The X-tra charge via the micro usb cable that came included in the box and just a heads up, it can be a little hard getting into. these earphones have a 24 hour battery life if the LED’s are turned off. if the LEDS or turned on then expect a battery life of 15 hours. these earphones also have fast charging capabilities. charging them for 15 minutes will get you 2 hours and half of playback time. if for some reason you cant charge your headphones back up you can also use the included head phone cable. Using a wired connection dosnt do much to improve the sound quality out of these headphones. 

Soul electronics really impressed me with their included carrying case. its a hard shell clam design that can really take a beating. you also get a carabeanier so you can hook this onto your gym bag. I really appreciate this carrying case cause there are other bigger more expensive brands that give you really crappy cases… you know who you are. inside theres another pocket where you can store your cables. 

Over all soul X-TRA wireless earphones isn't a high premium product that you’ll want to wear all the time. and its not supposed to be. These headphones are meant to be worn while youre at the gym going HAM. and they have certain characteristics that help them fill that niche like their light weight construction, low profile design, easy to remove and wash ear cups, fast charging and LED’s on the back for visibility. personally I would like to see soul electronics improve their hinges, improve the breathability of their ear cups and maybe bring down the price a little. maybe around $100 or $125. 

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