Love Hate Relationship With Apple AirPods

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Well i usually have script written out to help keep me on track in my videos, but i think I'm just going to free style this one. its been 3 months now that I've had these AirPods and its been a love hate relationship. and since they're still hard to get a hold of and people are still curious about them it think letting you guys know about my experience with them would be a good idea. 

First lets get the obvious out of the way and thats the looks. they don't look bad and people don't even notice them when they're in your ear. matter a fact i make these look good. battery life is fine, I've never had an issue with them and since they charge relatively quickly it makes every thing much easier. when these ear phones are working properly they're freaking amazing. i love them. 

But its when they don't work is when i get frustrated with them. and they tend to act up some how every single day i use them. the most common issue i have with them is disconnecting while I'm in the middle of a phone call. when I'm talking on the phone im usually doing something else so i require hands free. what usually happens is i’ll be in the middle of a conversation, my AirPods disconnect from my phone and keep in mind i haven't touch anything. then 3 seconds later they reconnect to the call again and the person on the other line is asking “can you hear me can you hear me?”. Another issue i’ve had with the air pods is that if you’re on a phone call and for some reason your airpod falls out then your phone automatically hangs up the call. which drives me crazy. 

Another issue I've had with the AirPods is them just not want to connect to my iPhone even after they have been paired. so this requires me to put the AirPods back into the case and take them out again multiple times until they pair. and sometimes when they are paired to my phone they still don't play sound even though my phone shows its playing a youtube video or music and the source says its playing through the AirPods. Now this next problem is a little rarer its like finding a shinny pokemon but there have been instances where i play music but the left and right ear buds are out of sync so everything sounds like an echo. or sometimes i just get this weird beeping sound out of both ear buds. 

Another issue i have with the AirPods is having to tell siri to control your music play back. you’ve got to tell siri to skip or go back a track, adjust the volume, or even just resume playing your music sometimes. i know you can go into the settings to change what double tapping either ear bud does but i still like telling siri to make a call or even send out a text for me on a regular basis. i just really think double tapping one ear bud should activate siri, and tapping the other ear bud in different orders should control your music play back. or at least make it an option of power users. and i know i can just take my phone out of my pocket and control my music playback but damn it i paid $170 for these things and they're supposed to be the future. 

And the last issue i have with the AirPods is the over all sound quality. these guys don't sound good. they sound very muddled and they have so much base to them for some reason. if you get AirPods its not for the sound its for the convenance. 

Now look, like i said at the beginning of the video i love the AirPods when they work. they give you this sense of freedom that no other wireless ear buds can give you. but they act up on such a regular basis that it takes away from the experience. now I've had these AirPods looked at in the apple store and i talked to costumer support on the phone and all they say if mhmmm i don't know. and every thing is updated. and its not a w1 chip issue because i have absolutely no problems with my Beats X or Powerbeats 3. if you’re still holding out for the AirPods i think you shouldn't hold your breath and go for the beats X. i’ll leave a link to my review in the description below. z

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