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Well, spring and summer are right around the corner which means a lot of people are going to start going out on vacation. and for the most part that means you’re going to be traveling for an extended period of time. from personal experience, having the right pair of ear phones can make a long plane or train ride much more bearable. and today we’ve got the bose QC35 for review. 

For the most part the Bose QC 35 is a wireless version of the Bose QC 25 with a rechargeable battery. The Bose QC 35 currently retail for $349 and come in two colors. if you want to save $50 and don't really care for wireless ear phones then you can pick up the qc 25 fro $300. link to pick both of these up from amazon is in the description below.

As always, lets jump into the unboxing. unboxing these head phones is very simple. when you lift the lid you’ll see a quick start guide on the back. under that you’ll find the included carrying case. more on the case itself in a few. Inside the case is where you'll find the actual headphones. and under the head phones you'll find a mess of documents and warranty information. included inside the case is also a headphone cable and a micro USB cable. 

first impressions when actually grabbing the headphones is just wow, WOW! they are so incredibly light weight. the body itself is made mostly out of metal. all of the articulation points twists and bend so smoothly. the head band is very well padded and bends without any issues. the padding on the leather ear cups is so soft and keeps cool even after extended listening periods. I also like how the insides of the ear cups have a large L and R on them so that you put on these ear phones the right way every time. these ear phones are over the ear earphones and they are extremely comfortable to wear. since they're so light weight, the head band is so flexible, the ear cups are so soft and keep cool, and they don't crush your ears theres no irritation or over heating after awhile. there are also buttons on the right ear cup where you can adjust your volume, control music playback, pause and play your music, accept and end calls and even active siri. they are also very tactile and very easy to tell apart by just touch. by far these are the most comfortable ear phones i have ever worn. 

spec wise, these are wireless ear phones that pair via your standard bluetooth. so both apple and android devices wont have any issues connecting. they have a pretty good range to them and the signal can go through multiple walls. they also have a built in NFC chip so if you have an android device you can pair these earphones by just tapping them. theres also an app you can download but it really dosnt do much. The Bose Quite Comfort 35 are also noise canceling earphones that block out ambient noise and the haters. honestly when you put these guys on you are in your own little bubble. if you look closely you will see there are microphones all around the body. noise cancelation is perhaps the best thing bose does and its something you want to have with you when youre on a plane. battery life on the QC35 is 20 hours, and unfortunately and there is no quick charging feature. I can make due with a 20 hour battery life, but these days quick charging is a must. these earphones charge via the micro usb cable that came included in the box. if you want to use the Bose QC35 with a wired connection because you want to save battery life on your earphones or phone, or you just want slightly better sound quality then you can just use the included headphone cable. just keep in mind that when using the QC35 with a wired connection means there wont be any noise cancelation. 

sound quality on the Bose QC35 is ok. they aren't overly base heavy like beats products but they do leave something to be desired. the Mids and highs is really where these headphones preform best. the sound stage is also a little narrow. if you really want to get the most out of these earphones then you’ll really want to use an equalizer. 

the carrying case you get with these headphones is also just as nice as the headphones them selves. they also have a pocket on the inside where you can store your cables and even your headphone jack to lighting adaptor if you have and iPhone 7. bose also throws in an extra adaptor so you can use these head phones with those weird two prong jacks you find on airplanes. the case it self is also extremely sturdy and you don't have to worry about your head phones getting crushed if you leave them in your back pack or carry on lougage.  also theres a little tab inside the case itself that shoes you exactly how the headphones are supposed to fit. which i think is a little funny cause i know there are some people out there that wouldn't be able to figure it out. 

Over all the bose QC 35 is a pretty solid product. sure they are a little pricey at $350 but you’re getting a very high quality product thats made out of mostly metal, is super light weight, and comfortable to wear. also don't forget these are perhaps the best noise canceling head phones on the market. just remember these aren’t sweat or water resistant, so you'll want to take it easy on these guys. But over all these are my favorite ear phones for when I'm traveling or commuting into the city.

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