Beats X Vs AirPods

Well, after both being delayed several months the Beats X and Apple AirPods are finally available. So which should you get? The Apple AirPods are still hard to get a hold of, so should you just get the Beats X and call it a day or wait for the Apple AirPods? Lets find out. 

The Apple AirPods currently retail for $159 and come in only one color. And if you were to order them today you might have to wait a full 6 weeks before they actually get to you. The Beats X on the other hand retail for $149.95 and come in 4 different colors. So if you want to stand out with a little color then the beats X are the way to go.

Black Beats X

The beats x and Apple AirPods both use apple’s new w1. If you don't know by the now, the W1 chip allows for super simple pairing with apple devices and once paired they'll automatically pair with all other apple devices associated to your icloud account. Which just makes using either wireless ear phones with other apple devices super seamless. No matter which you choose you'll still benefit from the convenience the W1 Chip has to offer.  but if you want to use them with non apple devices you can still connect to standard bluetooth by pressing and holding the power button. 

The biggest difference between the Beats X and AirPods is the form factor. The beats X are long and rest on your neck. The beats x are in ear earphones and can get pretty deep into your ear canal. They also create a pretty good seal which really helps with passive noise isolation. The beats X also do a good job of staying in your ears at all times and prolong wear isn't an issue. The Apple AirPods on the other hand are a whole other story. When the AirPods are stored in their case they are super compact. When you actually put on the AirPods you can sometimes forget you’re even wearing them after awhile. Not having a wire to worry about results in this sense of freedom that I've never experienced with other wireless earphones. The one draw back about the AirPods is that theres always this bit of anxiety in the back of my mind about what if one of the AirPods falls out and i don't notice or fall into a storm drain while walking in NYC. 

Apple AirPods

since the beats x ear buds are connected with a wire, they still have an inline controller. The in line controller on the beats x makes controlling your music and accepting calls super easy. The AirPods’s wireless design makes them feel like you’re wearing the future, but you sacrifice that inline controller. instead you have to tell siri by double tapping either AirPods twice to do simple things like adjusting the volume or skipping a track. sure your music will automatically pause when you remove one of the AirPods out of your ear, but sacrificing the inline controller isn't worth it. 

White Beats X

When it comes to sound quality these earphones are very different. Like i said earlier, the beats x are in ear earphones. they do a great job of getting deep into your ear canal and staying there under most circumstances. They also create a good seal which results in good passive noise isolation. the beats x are a great option for wearing on your morning commute. over all the beats X have a neutral sound signature. They aren't too bass heavy and don't sound tiny. the midd can sound a little washed out at times. But over all they offer a pleasant listening experience. On the other hand the AirPods simplely rest on the outside of your ear canal. they don't offer as much passive noise isolation and ambient noise can easily get in. In my opinon The AirPods also don't sound as good at the beats X. The AirPods are very bass heavy and their midd and highs are very muddled. If sound quality is important to you then get the beats x. 

Battery life is also slightly different between the the beats x and AirPods. on a full charge the beats x will last 8 hours. they also feature fast fuel which will get you 2 hours of playback from just five minutes of charging. personally i think fast fuel is a must have feature these days. The AirPods charge when they are placed inside of their carry case. The AirPods can last five hours of continuous use and with the help of the carrying case they can last a whole 24 hours. the AirPods also have their own version of fast fuel. 15 minutes of charging inside the carry case will get you 3 hours of playback time. the good thing about both of these earphones is that they both charge with lightning cables. which means charging is a little easier and don't have to keep track of any proprietary cables. 

AirPods Review

Alright so which should you get. The beats x are a great life style headphone. you can wear them almost anywhere and for long periods of times without any discomfort. you can wear them while you work, on your commute to work, at home and even go on a run with them if you want. just remember they aren't sweat resistant. The Apple AirPods on the other hand are all about connivance. the wireless design and small form factor give you a sense or freedom no other wireless earphone can give you. the airpods are best when used while at the office, at home. they aren't the best option when it comes to working out.