Wireless Earphones With The Best Battery Lives

Wireless is the future, no questions asked. And when Apple mustered up the “Courage” to remove the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, they went all in on their wireless future prediction. But they also backed it up by showing us their all new W1 chip. As of today, they've released three offerings that included their new W1 chip. We have the AirPods, Powerbeats 3, Beats Solo 3 and the soon to be release Beats X to choose from. 

You can pick up either the black or gloss black beats Solo 3 for $220 or you can pick up the Black Powerbeats 3 for $149.99 on amazon today. links are in the description. leave a comment below telling me which wireless earphone youre planning on getting.

So which are right for you? Well its obvious apple is trying to cater to all of their different costumers. instead of just making one pair of wireless earphones and calling it a day, they've released 3 vastly different products that each have their own strength and weakness. But one thing is for sure, Apple wants to be the king of long lasting wireless earphones. 

Lets take the Beats Solo 3 for example, these earphones have a total battery life of 40 hours on just one charge. And they also feature fast fuel which gets you 3 hours of battery life from just 5 minutes of charging. The Bose QC35 on the other hand can only last 20 hours on a full charge and a quick charge of 15 minutes only gets you 2.5 hours of play back time. 

Moving on to the Powerbeats 3, they get you a whole 12 hours of playback time from a full charge. They also feature fast fuel which will get you an hour of playback from 5 minutes of charging. The Jaybird X3 on the other hand can only last 8 hours on a full charge and don't feature any kind of fast charging. And to drive home how impressive a 12 hour battery life is on a earphone, just know that Bose’s Sound Sport and Sound Sport Pulse only have a 8 and 5 hour battery life respectively. 

And even with their relatively small form factor, each Apple AirPods has a five hour battery life from a full charge. Combined with their fast charging carry case, the AirPods can last for a total of 24 hours. In comparison, the Samsung gear IconX can only last 3 hours from a full charge with all fitness tracking features turned off. 

And I know a lot of people give Apple and Beats By Dre A lot of flack about their poor sounding products relative to the competition, but Apple is clearly trying to dominate the market trough sheer battery life. Because no matter how great your earphones sound, it doesn't matter if they're out of juice when you need them the most. 

Like I mentioned before, Apple has a very specific costumer in mind for each of their wireless earphones. The Beats Solo 3 are a great option for anyone who travels a lot and listens to music while they're on a plane, train, bus ride or just waiting for their layover. Not to mention, they are also an all around good option to just use while you’re home or while you’re at the office. 

The Powerbeats 3 on the other hand are the perfect option for anyone who's looking for something to workout with. the Powerbeats 3 are water and dust resistant, and can take a beating. Their fast fuel feature is also great if you constantly forget to charge your earphones like i do cause you leave them in your gym bag.

The AirPods are more geared towards the professional that wants to wear wireless earphones but don't want anything thats too athletic looking and don't want to wear over the ear headphones because they tend to mess up their hair. AirPods are great for any who just want something small, unobtrusive, and just work. And like I've mentioned before, theres something thats just liberating about not having to worry about having a wire snagging on your clothing or furniture. 

Wireless is the future, and Apple is clearly a strong advocate for it. And I have high hopes for the upcoming Beats X, I believe they will bring the luxury of wireless to the masses who don't want to pay too much for wireless earphones. Hopefully this video has helped steer you in the right direction for your purchasing needs. Link to each of their full reviews are posted in the description below.