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Some mad men have asked if they should get the AirPods or Jaybird X3. Well Apple whole heartily believes that wireless is the future. And since their 2016 September keynote they have released 3 completely different wireless earphones that feature their brand new W1 chip. So does that mean you should just follow the crowd and get one of apple’s products or should you go with something different like the Jaybird X3? 

Unlike the Powerbeats 3 or AirPods, the Jaybird X3 are a hybrid wireless earphone. As in they preform very well in the gym but are still modest enough to be worn around everywhere else. Obviously these earphones are connected to each other via a non tangle flat cable. They also come with multiple silicon ear fins, silicon ear tips, and comply ear tips. Unlike Apple’s one size fits all AirPods, you can literally spend hours mixing and matching ear tips and fins to get that perfect fit for yourself. You Special Special Snowflake. 

The AirPods on the other hand are Apple’s latest product to be released. although subject to some really bad jokes, the AirPods are one of the better truly wireless earphones available on the market. they have the exact same fit as the EarPods, so take that as you may. The AirPods are also smart enough to know when they are placed in your ears, and will pause your music automatically when you take them out. 

In order to charge either of these earphones, they both require some type of proprietary cradle. The AirPods can only be charged by being placed in their carrying cradle, which also has to be charged via lighting cable. Each individual AirPods can last 5 hours on a single charge and can last up to a total of 24 hours with the help of the carrying case. The Jaybird X3 on the other hand can last a straight 8 hours on a single charge. The X3’s charge via a small proprietary cradle. if you lose the cradle for either one of these you're screwed. 

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Concerning sound, the Jaybird X3 completely obliterate the AirPods. They're over all sound is better, amazing sound stage, punchy bass, and very clear mid and highs. and the coolest part is, you can customize their sound with Jaybird’s My Sound App. I’m kind of amazed Apple hasn't integrated this into iOS. The AirPods on the other hand sound not as great and are very muddled. If you're just looking for something that sounds great then go for the Jaybird X3. 

Controlling your music playback is extremely different on each earphone. The AirPods don't have an inline controller and forces you to use siri by double tapping either earphone. this makes what were once simple tasks like adjusting the volume or skipping a track that much harder. Since the Jaybird X3 still have a wire they feature an inline controller. But to be honest its not the best controller I’ve used. The clicks are very dissatisfying and in order to use all of the commands you have to memorize the click orders like you were memorizing word definitions for the SAT. 

Both earphones are compatible with either Apple or standard Bluetooth devices, but the AirPods are better when used exclusively with apple products. The AirPods feature Apple’s new W1 chip which just make paring and going from device to device a breeze. The Jaybird X3 on the other hand still uses bluetooth technology and can connect with up to two devices simultaneously. But if you try to use the controller commands while they're connected to two devices, weird things will happen. 

The AirPods are extremely light weight and can be worn for long periods of times without feeling any discomfort. they rest right outside your ear canal which allows ambient noise to pass through which some people like and others don't.The jaybirds are in ear earphones and offer passive noise cancelation. Unfortunately, they aren't as comfortable and do cause discomfort or irritation after while. Links to their full individual reviews are posted in the description. 

So which should you get? if you're looking for something that sounds great, something rugged, or something you can take almost anywhere then get the Jaybird X3. But if you're looking for something to listen to music with while you're working or something you can wear for long periods of time then get the AirPods. The AirPods really don't do too well in the gym. if you really want the convenience of apple’s new W1 chip but still want some wireless earphones that offer versatility, then you're going to have to wait for the BeatsX, if they ever come out.