New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer Review

Well, Nike released their Metcon 3 and Reebok released their Nano 7. And here comes New Balance releasing their new Minimus 40 Trainer only a few days later. In an already saturated training shoe market dominated by Nike and Reebok does New Balance even have a chance? How do the Reebok Minimus 40 Trainer stack up against the Metcon 3 and Nano 7? Well we put them through some workouts so you don't have to! This is GYMCADDY’s Reebok Minimus 40 Trainer Review! 

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If you asked me a few days ago which training shoe were better for crossfit it would have been a toss up between the Metcon 3 and Nano 7. I would have even probably leaned more on Nike’s side, but then came New Balance and messed it all up. The New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer is an all new approach to training shoes. See training shoes have a tough job to do, they need to be stiff enough so they're stable for when you're doing lifts. But they still need to be supportive enough for when you run. Large companies have tried to come up for a solution for a shoe that can do both, but those shoes usually end up being mediocre or tend to lean toward one end of the spectrum. Just like the Metcon 3 are better for aerobic and circuit style of training while the Reebok Nano 7 are geared towards more of weight lifting style of training. 

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New Balance on the other hand took a different approach by making a shoe with a thin, soft and supportive out and midsole. This means you can comfortably run in these shoes, but since their sole is so thin they compress almost completely when you lift. Resulting in feeling like you’re weight lifting barefoot. This means New Balance has successfully created a training shoe that can support you when you run but still doesn't effect power delivery when you lift. 

The New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer is also a neutral shoe with a standard 4mm drop. Which is great for people who like to feel grounded when they run or lift. Just keep in mind, since these shoes have a 4mm heel drop if you’re going to squat in these you’re going to need to work on mobility. But even with this shoe’s 4mm heel drop and thinner mid sole, they are still great for aerobic exercises. They’re responsive yet comfortable enough to rebound box jumps, flexible enough for multiple burpees, and a more than stable enough platform that will never let you down when you need to pick up something heavy.

New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer Review

When it comes to looks and construction New Balance took the less is more approach with these shoes. They come in 5 color ways that all look great and have even better color blocking. Unlike Nike or Reebok who try to make the “loudest” looking shoe with crazy print patterns and brighter color combinations, New Balance decided to stand out by making a subtle looking shoe. Ironic isn't it? One of my favorite things about the design is the subtle branding. Unlike Nike which places a logo on every panel of their shoe, New Balance keeps it clean with their classic “N”. The Minimus 40 brings a refreshed no-sew woven synthetic mesh upper to the Minimus line that not only flexes extremely well, but is comfortable to wear and is resistant to abrasion. Couple that with the flexible Vibram outsole that should be as durable as the upper and you’ve got a shoe that is nothing less than capable. All the materials are top notch and the shoe actually feels like it’s worth it’s $120. 

New Balance Minimus Outsole

Sizing these shoes is pretty straight forward. They run true to size length wise but can be a little narrow overall. If you've worn metcons and found them to fit you well then go with the standard width, otherwise spring for the wider size. And if you like the way the Reebok Nano 6.0 or 5.0 fit then you really want to spring for the wider size. In conclusion, the New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer is great alternative for the Nike Metcon 3. If you’re looking for a more natural feeling shoe with that doesn't compromise on power delivery but are still supportive enough to aerobic training then the New Balance Minimus 40 Trainers are for you.

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