Reebok Nano 7 Review

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Reebok Mens CrossFit Nano 7 in Vitamin C / Solar Yellow / Black Size 10 - Training Shoes

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Reebok Nano 7! Reebok not wanting to let Nike have all the attention after releasing their Metcon 3, Reebok has dropped their new Crossfit shoe. The Reebok Nano 7 is vastly different from last years Nano 6.0, but since Reebok has been working on their Nano since 2011 i think they know what they are doing. So should you pick these up? Lets find out!

Reebok has released their new Nano 7 in 3 color ways… white, black and blue, and black and orange with a hint of lime. You can pick up the new Nano 7 directly from Reebok for $129.99 with free shipping. And if you want to save a little money you can pick up the Nano 6.0 for $109.99. Links for both are in the description below. 

Unlike the Nike Metcon 3 which were a slight redesign from the Metcon 2, the Reebok Nano 7 is a complete redesign from last years Reebok Nano 6.0. The outsole and midsole on the Reebok 7 have been completely redesigned. The grip on these shoes are out of this world, they practically stick to the ground like Spiderman. The top of the out sole is designed to give you extra traction when your pushing off the ground for like when you're sprinting or pushing a sled. The middle section of the outsole features a vertical grip so that it can help you when you're rope climbing. theres also a little rubber on the lateral portion of the shoe to help you while you’re rope climbing but its very subtle.

Reebok nano 7

The mid sole on these shoes is a little stiff and rigid at first, but after some breaking in they loseup. these shoes perform ok for sprinting and running, but they really shine when it comes to dead lifts, squats, and power cleans. These shoes also have a very stiff heel which offer a good amount of stability when it comes to heavier squats. Stability comparable to the adidas adipower weightlifting shoe. 

Moving up the shoe we've got the TPU heel wrap. this heel cup does an extraordinary job of keeping your heel in place when you were these shoes. your heel wont move out of place when your running and this heel really helps with support for those ass to grass squats. perhaps the biggest difference between the nano 6.0 and the Nano 7 is the new upper. the Nano 7’s upper is compromised of two layers. first is a mesh liner which helps with flexibility and breathability. The second layer is Reebok’s new nano weave. the nano weave is extremely durable and helps keep the whole shoe together. So you can rub the upper of these shoes on almost any surface and not have to worry about them getting worn out or torn. 

The Nano 7 also have a very comfortable young thats both padded and flexible. long periods of wear doesn't cause any discomfort on the instep of the foot. these shoes also have some great quality shoe laces that don't come undone while you’re working out like other shoes. The Nano 7 still feature that extra patch of grip tape on the medial portion of the shoe to help you with rope climbing. I did notice though the grip tape on the Nano 7 wasn't as sticky or rough as the Nano 6.0. And as you expect, the Nano 7 still feature the standard 4 mm heel drop. 

Reebok Nano 7 Review

So how do they fit you might be asking, well they are pretty narrow. They run true to size length wise, but they are very narrow in the toe box. i thought breaking them in would help, but they've remained just as narrowed as when i got them. This could be due to the new nano weave, although breathable and durable, it really doesn't really flex all that much. 

Reebok Mens CrossFit Nano 6.0 Dark Stealth in Stealth-Black / Riot Red / Black Reflective Size 7 - Training Shoes

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So whats the verdict on the New Reebok Nano 7? They’re a great cross fit shoe if you have narrow feet. The new outsole offers a high amount of grip, the tread pattern design is very well thought out, and the mid sole give you a lot of stability when doing heavy lifts. The new nano weave also helps with breathability and durability. The new TPU heel clip also helps keep the shoe in place at all times. The Nano 7 do fall short when it comes to running and their over all fit. If you have a wider foot then your best bet is to pick up the Reebok 6.0. My advice to Reebok is to work on the flexibility of the nano weave on the sides of the shoe, and play with the midsole stiffness so its more responsive when you run.