GYMCADDY’s Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

Whats In The Box

You'll will first notice the Samsung Gear Fit2’s packaging has a soft touch feel to it. Its Samsung’s way of telling you right from the start that you just bought a well built product. The contents of the box are nothing out of the ordinary. You get your Gear Fit2, its charging cradle, and documentation. 

First Impressions 

samsung gear fit2 charging

The Samsung Gear Fit2 can only communicate wirelessly with mobile devices that can download its Samsung Gear App. It doesn't play nice with the iPhone unfortunately. Thankfully the Fit2 is able to function all on its own even if you don't pair it with a phone. Just like other premium Samsung products, the Fit2 is very well built. It has the best feeling wristband on the market, its soft and wicks away sweat like no other. It also features a very bright, detailed, and colored rectangular display. We wouldn't expect anything less from Samsung since they produce the best displays on the market. The Fit2 also employs a clasping mechanism similar to The Apple Watch Sport. This standard clasping mechanism makes putting on and off the tracker a breeze. The Fit2 also includes a magnetic charging cradle that look stylish when not in use and while on your night stand, but also makes charing the Gear fool proof. Just make sure you align the contact pins on the back correctly. 

Samsung Gear Fit2
Cick To Buy For $164.99 From Best Buy

Using The Gear Fit2 

The Fit2 display has two modes, normal and power saving. When using your Fit2 in normal mode you get access to all of its functions. It can tell you how many steps you've taken, calories burned, floors climbed, and heart rate. You can navigate through the functions of the Fit2 by swiping left, swiping right, and by tapping on stats that you would like to get more information about. The screen is responsive most of the time, but can act up if theres sweat on it. And thats normal for fitness trackers. The Fit2 also has two buttons on the right side of the screen, a home button and back button. The User Interface on the Gear Fit2 could be better. You will find yourself constantly swiping left and right, tapping, scrolling, and pressing the back button constantly if you want to get detailed information about your stats. When expanding certain menus data can be vague at times. Thankfully the heart monitor, pedometer, and gps are very accurate on the Fit2. The Fit2 does lack accuracy when it comes to counting repetitions when doing weighted exercises or doing cardio on any machine. If you're strictly a runner then the Fit2 is more your style. As mentioned earlier, the Fit2 also has a Power Saving Mode. The Power Saving Mode uses a gray scale home screen, turns off notifications, and turns off wifi to name a few. While in PSM the Fit2 will only show you the time, floors climbed, steps taken, and calories burned. If you squint you eyes it looks exactly like at fitbit charge 2. Click here for our fitbit charge 2 review. But with all that being said, the Fit2 is very capable fitness tracker that can stand all on its own. 

samsung gear fit2 family line up

If you have an Android Phone, then the Gear Fit2 learns a whole new batch of tricks. You'll be able to see your stats on the phone app, which are much better laid out than on the Fit2. You'll also be able to receive notifications on the Fit2 and can even interact with them directly. You can even save up to 500 songs directly onto the Fit2 which is great if you have wireless headphones and want to go on a run without having to carry your phone. Using the App also allows you to follow your friends with Gear Fits and you can set challenges and goals. Just remember to put your Fit2 on do not disturb mode before you go to sleep at night, or else the screen will wake you up.

The Final Verdict

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a very well built and sleek fitness tracker. The sleek design lets you forget you're even wearing the thing and looks great. The sleek design even manages to feature a large, responsive and beautiful curved display. Just be ready to constantly charge your device on a regular basis. Although the Fit2 can be a stand alone product, we highly advise you get this tracker only if you already have or plan on getting an Android device. Just like other Samsung devices, this is a well built product but suffers from a bloated UI /UX. Aside from that, the Samsung Gear Fit2 is a very capable fitness tracker and is worth the money if you own an android device. 

Samsung Gear Fit2
Cick To Buy For $164.99 From Best Buy

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