GYMCADDY’s Reebok ZPrint 3D Running Shoes Review

The Reebok ZPrint 3D is a very stylish shoe. When you first get a hold of them you will notice how incredibly light they are. The upper part of the shoe is made up of 4 different materials that each play a vital role in the construction of the shoe. Half of the shoe upper part features a very breathable and light weight webbed material that allows for extra air circulation. The bottom of the upper also features a rubber coating that helps prevent water from getting inside your shoe if you're running in a moist environment. The back half of the shoe is made up 2 materials that work together to provide both flexibility and durability. You don't have to worry about the back half of the shoe coming apart while you're working out or running. 

The star of the show here is the sole of the shoe. There are 4 different components to this sole and each one plays a different role. First you'll notice a decoupled flexible sole thats surrounded by a tougher material that offers stability and grip. The decoupled sole is divided into 2 sections, a tougher green portion at the ball of the foot and a bouncy black portion at the heel and arch of the foot. This design is great for anyone who likes to run or does any kind of circuit training. The sole is sturdy enough and offers the user a steady platform to perform compound movements like the deadlift, squat, and overhead press with moderate weight safely. We explain why a sturdy sole is important when weightlifting HERE. Yet, the sole is flexible and cushioned enough to offer proper support for long distance running. The tough green section of the sole absorbs the shock from each step beautifully and also gives the runner a steady platform to push off of. The ZPrint 3D also features flat shoes laces which don't come undone while you exercise. A minor but very nice touch.

In conclusion, the Reebok ZPrint 3D is a great entry level running shoe for any runner. At $79.99 its a great value anyway you look at it. Just keep in mind they are a little narrow. This shoe is also great for anyone who does circuit training on a regular basis. With all of that said, the ZPrint 3D is also a great looking shoe.