Under Armour Hoodies - Swacket Review

First came the Cronut then Brooksters then the Wonut. Now we have the Swacket from Under Armour. The Swacket is a cross between a sweater and jacket. Its thin and flexible yet dense and keeps your warm and dry during the harshest weather. If you're looking for a light jacket for jogging in the morning or a sweater for running those long fall and winter marathons then the Swacket might be just for you. The GYMCADDY™ Team got a hold of a few of these jackets from Under Armor and this is our review. 

Under Armour Swacket
Under Armour Swacket Gray

The Under Amrour Swacket is part of Under Armor’s coldgear line up. Its designed to keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures. But I mean.. its a jacket, of course it has to keep you warm. This jacket also features Underarmor Storm1 technology, which means it’ll keep you dry in light rain and snow. After testing it ourselves in the rain we found that we stayed dry in a drizzle and light rain. The inner lining of the jacket however get wet after standing in moderate rain for 10 minutes. So not bad when compared to other jackets. The outer water-repellant lining gives the jacket a cool textured look, but is smooth to the touch. We are big fans of that. The textured look makes the jacket look more expensive than it actually is too. You will also find two zip up side pockets that are big enough to hold large phones and wallets easily while still keeping them safe from the outside elements or from just falling out while you run. You will also find two over sized deep pockets on the inside. Also the whole interior of the jacket is made up of a dual layer, and wind resistant fleece. 

We were disappointed the Swacket didn't include the Under Armor Magzip zipper. Since this is one of their new flag ship products they are pushing pretty hard it would've been nice to see them use all of the big guns. None the less, this sweater has a very compact zipper that you don't have to worry about jamming like other sweaters on the market. Notice how we use the term sweater and jacket interchangeably here, and its with good reason. The Swacket is super comfortable to wear and it gives you full range of motion. Theres no constriction in the shoulder and back areas which allows you to move freely if you're in a full sprint. Just keep in mind this sweater does run a little small in the upper back area. If you have a thick or wide back we recommend you go up a size. Although the Swacket offers you the freedom and flexibility of a sweater you also get the protection of a jacket. Like we mentioned before, it repels rain well enough to keep you dry for a long time and the dense inner lining keeps you warm in the coldest and windiest of weather. Under Armor also expects you'll be wearing this product a lot, so they've also strategically reenforced certain wear prone areas of the jacket. The Swacket has super thick double stitching on all panel union sites and it even has thicker elbow pads. I can tell you from first hand experience that elbows are usually the first thing to go on any jacket. Small details like this help us justify the $119 price tag.

Under Armor Swacket Gray and Blue

In conclusion, the Under Armour Swacket is a great addition to the under Armour product line. The Stylish Design, Breathability, and Flexibility of a sweater combined with the warmth and protection of a jacket make for an amazing piece of clothing that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again. It’s light enough to use for long distance runs you don't have to worry about the elements getting to you when you're on the 23rd mile of that fall marathon. Even if you're not into long distance running the versatility thats offered from this product will be appreciated from any consumer. The GYMCADDY™ Team can whole heartily recommend the Under Armour Swacket