GYMCADDY’s Misfit Ray Review

Misfit as an activity tracker brand is the hipster of the market. Their fitness trackers focuses on style first, usability second. The New Misfit Ray is no exception. This is the fitness tracker that doesn't look like a fitness tracker. People at first glance will first think its a friendship bracelet before you tell them its a tracker. 

misfit ray profile

Whats In The Box?

When you open the Misfit Ray box you will find the tracker itself and 3 button cell batteries neatly presented to you. There is no charging cable in the box. Misfit promises a 1 year battery life for the Misfit Ray. 

First Impressions

Well there isn't much to say, the Misfit Ray has very a chique minimalist design. It communicates to you via a colored led on the face of the cylinder. It’ll blink to let you know how close to your fitness goal you are and it'll notify you of incoming calls and texts. The cylinder itself is well made, but its wristband is the cheapest we've seen and its extremely brittle. The companion app is also a let down. It uses the same simple and motivational language found in fitbit’s app but lacks to compressively breakdown your data for you. Sadly the step and distance counter are inaccurate. 

The Verdict

 For $100 dollars the Misfit Ray is grossly over priced. Misfit prides itself for being the stylish fitness tracker, but the included cheap wristband fails to show that. If you do want to upgrade your Misfit Ray wristband then you'll end up spending and extra $30 dollars. As a result you'll end up shelling out a total of $130. On the bright side, the rugged build made us very comfortable swinging with this tracker. We were actually a little more comfortable abusing this tracker in particular. Regarldess, we would highly recommend you consider getting the fitbit alta for that price instead or even shelling out an extra $20 for the fitbit charge 2. But if you're in the market for an entry level fitness tracker then we recommend the cheaper fitbit flex or the soon to be released fitbit flex 2.