GYMCADDY’s CrossFit Nano 6 Review

CrossFit is perhaps one of the most demanding sports/training style out there. Its a combination of aerobic, powerlifting,  and olympic training. Its only natural you'll want your equipment keep up with you. You need a pair of shoes that can support you when you're sprinting, squating, or rope climbing. Thats where the Reebok CrossFit Nano 6 come in. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 6 are just as the name implies, Reebok’s 6th iteration of their CrossFit Trainer Shoe. The Nano 6 is Reebok’s way of telling the world they are learning from their mistakes and are truly focused on making the perfect CrossFit Shoe. Many people will tell you the Nano 6 has the great design styling from the Nano 2’s, has the great fit from the Nano 4’s, and the awesome performance from the Nano 5’s. 

Click To Buy From  Reebok  For $109.99

Click To Buy From Reebok For $109.99

The CrossFit Nano 6 is a multitasker of a shoe, they have to support you while you're sprinting one moment and then when you're deadlifting the next. For that reason CrossFit shoes in general will always only be ok in any given category. If you're looking for a shoe that will give you a steady platform, heel elevation, and ankle support when you squat north of 315 pounds these are not the shoes for you. You need a proper weightlifting shoes like the Adidas Adipower or the Nike Romaleos. If you’re looking for running shoes that give you ample padding and arch support then aren't the shoes for you either. You need proper running shoes like the Reebok ZPrint 3D or Nike FlyKnit Max. But if you're looking for a shoe thats light weight, has proper padding for sprinting, a sturdy enough sole for moderate weight squats, and are designed to help you climb up a rope… then the Nano 6’s are right for you.

The Design Of The Shoe 

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 6 look a lot like the Nano 2. They come in various color schemes and branding is minimal. Gone are the billboard sized lettering and logos from the CrossFit Nano 5. Yet, the Nano 6 still shares the same silhouette and partitioned gum sole from the Nano 5. The Nano 6 does feature a really cool rough patch of black Kevlar with triangle cut outs on the inside of the shoe. This patch is there to help you climb up ropes and protect from excessive wear. The rest of the shoe is made up from a combination of fabric and a smoother Kevlar material. They feature a large toe box for increased air circulation and kevlar in areas to protect again water from getting inside the shoe and on the heel to prevent wear. The tongue also features a good amount of padding as well. And finally the Crossfit Nano 6 are tied together with flat shoe laces. A small but very welcomed detail, shoes coming untied while working out is a huge pet peeve of ours. Finally, they are true to size and don't require a breaking in period. 


Although you can wear these shoes with a pair of jeans and still look great, thats not why you bought them. You're interested in their performance. Like we mentioned before, all CrossFit Shoes in general will always be OK in any given category. And thats perfectly fine for what we need them to do, they're a hybrid of a shoe. The CrossFit Nano 6 sole is cushioned enough for long runs and features a 4mm drop from the heel to the toes. The drop gives you minimal heel elevation for exercises like the squat and deadlift. Be warned, since the sole needs to be cushioned enough for running there will be some flexing if the weight goes above a certain amount. They also have ample amounts of padding on the heel, cup and tongue of the shoe. Like we mentioned before, these shoes have a large mesh toe box. Which is great for movement, and air circulation. Nobody on the GYMCADDY team got any blisters or calluses from extend use like we have from other shoes. Unfortunately the sole isn't springy enough for proper support for plyometric exercises like box jumps or harsh sprints. 

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 6 is a culmination of what Reebok has learned over the years from making CrossFit Shoes. They are light weight at 10 ounces each and support you while you workout. They hug your foot snugly while you workout and ensure you have a proper platform to lift in. The rough Kevlar is a nice addition and truly help you when you're rope climbing. They are also stylish enough to wear outside of the gym. The GYMCADDY Team is confident enough to say these are the best CrossFit Shoe on the market right now. For more color options we recommend you click the like below that will redirect you to 

Reebok Mens CrossFit Nano 6.0 Training Shoes
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