GYMCADDY’s Fitbit Alta Review

Whats In The Box 

Opening your Fitbit Alta box is reminiscent to opening an Apple product. Inside the box you will find your Fitbit Alta, a charging cradle, and a syncing dongle for your desktop. Keep in mind this Fitbit model does not include multiple band sizes, so you have to make sure you pick your appropriate size when your purchase yours. The wristband has a high quality soft touch feel to them that Fitbit is well known for. This wristband also features a diagonal textured pattern to it which gives it a good design ascetic. 

fitbit alta profile

Setting Up Your Fitbit Alta

Setting up your Fitbit Alta is super easy. If you previously had a Fitbit then set up will be even easier and faster. As always you'll down load the Fitbit App to your phone and follow along with the onscreen instructions. This will include a series of taps and a little waiting for the newest firmware to instal on your Fitbit. Once thats said and done you're all set to go.

First Impressions Using The Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta features a slim high quality wristband that makes it easy to forget you're even wearing the thing. The Alta also has an easy to release mechanism to switch out wristbands. Unfortunately the Alta features the same clasping mechanism from the Fitbit Flex that will drive you mad every time you have to put it back on. The Alta itself is incased in metal and glass body which gives it a great look when you're wearing it at work. Unlike the Flex, this model has a mid resolution black and white screen that can show you the Time, Steps Taken, Distance Traveled, Calories Burned, Active Minutes, and Battery level. The Alta will start to automatically show you said information if you raise your arm to check the time or double tap it and then tap again to cycle through the options. Keep in mind the Alta does not utilize an actual touchscreen, instead it reacts to taps on the screen that the internal accelerometer registers. Unfortunately this method of interaction between the user and Alta can be inaccurate and frustrating at times. 

Best Buy Co, Inc.

In conclusion, the Fitbit Alta is a great mid level fitness tracker. Its really well made and looks great while you're working out or while at work. The integrated screen shows the user vital information about themselves and the app helps keep you motived. It does have its minor flaws, but these flaws are dismissible. GYMCADDY™ will happily recommend the Fitbit Alta to anyone in the market for a great looking, and relatively inexpensive fitness tracker.  

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