ADIDAS Ultra Boost 3.0 Review

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Over the past 16 months or so Adidas has really been moving up thanks to the release of popular shoes like the Yeezys, NMD’s, and the Ultra Boost. And if you were to talk to any serious runner or sneaker head out there they will tell you how amazing the Ultra Boosts are. They routinely rave about either how the sole of the shoe is super comfortable, how light weight they are for running, or how incredibly stylish they are. Let find out what makes the Ultra Boost 3.0 so special and are they worth the $180 price tag.

So what do these shoes have in common with today’s super cars? Well they both have Continental rubber making contact with the asphalt. the rubber on these shoes gives them superb grip. Continental also claims this rubber is extra dense so it'll last you while if you go running in them. Just keep in mind these shoes are only for street running and they wont fair so well if you decide to take them off road for some reason. 

Moving up from the continental rubber we have Adidas’s now famous ultra boost mid sole. the mid sole here is exactly the same as the Ultra Boost 1.0’s, 2.0’s, and Uncaged. If it aint broken don't fix it. for anyone out there who has never worn a pair ultra boost all i can say is believe the hype. after wearing these shoes for a few days i now don't want to wear anything else but ultra boost. the one gripe i do have with these shoes is the rear over hang of the sole, obviously its there for runners that are heel strikers, but i did find myself tripping over it if i didnt raise my heel enough when walking. But thats just me… every single person has a different style of walking but thats a topic for a whole different video. 

Next up is the prime knit, out of all of the ultra boost’s this is my favorite iteration yet. Its super stretchy, allows for amazing air circulation, and its all one pice of fabric. The prime knit on the Ultra Boost 3.0 is now somewhat reminiscent the Yeezy as in it has a raised woven look and it gives it a sense of motion. Gone are the 1.0’s and 2.0’s prime knit patterns and in is this clean look that looks great either if youre running in them or just wearing them with a pair of dark washed jeans. 

Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Review

The cage on the Ultra Boost 3.0 is pretty much the same as the 1.0’s and 2.0’s except its a little more flexible and its now a little translucent. Their flexibility really adds to the comfort of the shoe, but they still provide sufficient lock down if you want to keep your shoes in place if you take them for a run. The heel counter on the back of the shoe is much stiffer than the cage and really makes sure to keep your heel in place while youre out walking.

Just like previous Ultra Boosts, these shoes are true to size. But due to their super stretchy prime knit upper, if you like a snug feeling shoe then you should go down a size. Keep in mind these shoes also have an extremely soft sole, which make them great if you have a job where you're walking or standing all day or if you want to use them for running. But due to their super soft sole these shoes should not be worn when doing weighted exercises like the squat or dead lift. their sole allows for large amounts of ankle and hip rotation, and knee adduction which will cause poor form and lead to injury but thats also another topic for another video. 

Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Black

Over all the Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 is an amazing shoe which really lives up to the hype. They’re super comfortable, light weight, and the new prime knit design make them a very stylish shoe you can wear just about anywhere. Adidas is quickly becoming my new favorite brand because they really do listen to their costumers. They saw people on social media “uncaging” their shoes and Adidas responded by releasing their own version. Adidas also realized the ultra boost wasn't just appealing to runners but also sneaker heads and average consumers a like and they released a shoe that does a great job of pleasing everyone. If you currently have a pair of 1.0’s, 2.0’s, or Uncaged you don't need to upgrade to the 3.0s unless you want to. But if you don't have a pair of ultra boosts and youre looking for something nice, then i say get them they're a near perfect shoe.

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