Under Armour Running Hoodies

Fall is upon us and that means the temperature is dropping and your morning run might be a little harder than usual. You guys really enjoyed our Under Armour Hoodie Reviews and asked which hoodie or sweater is best for running. Under Armour has you covered with the Threadborne Balaclava Hoodie for Women and their No Breaks Balaclava Hoodie for Men. This is GYMCADDY’s Review On Under Armour’s Dedicated Running Hoodies. 

You're probably reading this because you're serious about your running gear, and we don't blame you! Training for a marathon and buying marathon clothing can get expensive quickly! The last thing you want to do is waste your money on poorly made running clothes or sneakers. Thankfully Under Armor knows what they are doing and consistently put out great products. 

Under Armour Threadborne Balaclava Womens Hoodie Mask Up.jpg

First lets start with the Under Armour Threadborne Balaclava Hoodie for women. This hoodie has a Next-to-skin cut but without the squeeze. They run true to size so you really don't need to go up a size on this one if you have an athletic build. This sweater also has a Scalloped hem with slight drop-tail for extra coverage that also looks great on any women. The Balaclava also has reflective patches placed strategically around it so you can be seen by on coming traffic at dusk or in the evening. Torso length of this sweater is acceptable but the sleeves could stand to be a bit longer. This running hoodie also has a built in Mask the fits great down to the neck, over the head and hair. The mask doesn’t restrict at the face and the front strip is unlined, stretchy mesh which helps make the mask extremely comfortable and breathable. Although this hoodie is ultra light weight, the fleece interior was quite effective at trapping body heat and kept us warm while on our morning Autumn run through Central Park in NYC. The sleeves also have built in thumbholes that help keep the sleeves in place and prevent body heat from escaping. Expect to find ultra large pockets on the front of this hoodie that also zip up. On deeper examination of this hoodie we noticed the stitching was thicker and more concentrated than most, which is great for the longevity of this product. 

Under Armour No Breaks Balaclava Mask Up.jpeg

Now lets move on to Under Armour’s NoBreaks Run Balaclava Hoodie for Men. This hoodie shares a lot of characteristics with its female counterpart. It also sports a Next to Skin cut without the squeeze. But we do recommend that the guys go up a size on this one. This is also an ultra light hoodie designed specifically for running. We found the torso and sleeve lengths to be just right. Just like other Under Armour products, we found the shoulders to be a little tight here as well.  Just like the other hoodie, this one had no problem keeping us warm on our morning running through Central Park since it was so effective at trapping body heat. There are built in thumb holes in the sleeves that will keep this hoodie in place while you run and help seal your body heat inside. We also noticed this hoodie also had very concentrated stitching all around that will surly help with durability and extend its life span. Combined with Elastic binding on cuffs, hem, and hood this hoodie will surely last you awhile. Microthread technology in the fabric dries faster, won’t cling to you, won’t chafe & stretches without absorbing sweat. Obviously, there is a Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat & dries fast. Unlike the women's one pice mask and hoodie design, Under Armour opted to use a two piece approach instead. It is made with unlined mesh that is ultra breathable and flexible. We also found the size of the mask was just the right hight and didn't bury into our eyes when we had it up. 

For The Guys

For The Ladies

Whether you're training for a marathon or just enjoy running, having a dedicated running hoodie is very advantageous. Under Armour really didn't disappoint with their offerings. Both of these Under Armor hoodies are ultra light weight and wont interfere with your running. Yet, the material that these hoodies are made out of do a great job of keeping you warm. Both of these hoodies have a Near To Skin Cut, but you can still wear a thin shirt underneath them. After spending a few weeks with these sweaters, the GYMCADDY team is comfortable recommending either one of these products to anyone looking for marathon clothing. 

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