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It seems like everyone in the North East got used to the above average warm weather and forgot it gets cold from time to time. It also seems fall has snuck up on us from no where and is here to stay. Now everyone is scrambling to pick up hoodies and sweaters to keep warm. You guys have really liked our hoodie reviews segment and have asked for one on Under Armor. This is GYMCADDY’s list of what we fell are the best Under Armour Hoodies and Sweaters for Men and Women. As always links will be provided with any additional discounts we can get for you.

Women's UA Armour Fleece Team Hoodie
$28 - $38 at Amazon

Men’s UA Storm Caliber Hoodie
$29.24 - $48.99 at Amazon

Women’s UA Armour Fleece Team Hoodie.jpg
Men’s UA Storm Caliber Hoodie.jpg

Ok, lets start off with the bare essentials here. If you're looking for an affordable hoodie that you can wear around the house or while studying in your dorm then either one of these options is worth looking at. They each come in multiple colors that are sure to please any one. Both the mens and womens hoodies feature UA Storm technology which repels water without sacrificing breathability. The fleece is light and breathable and allows for maximum flexibility and comfort. The logo on the Men's UA Storm Caliber Hoodie is embroidered which means it’ll still look like new after multiple washes. Unlike other logos and designs from other clothing companies, UnderArmor quality holds up to the test of time. The Caliber Hoodies comes in a loser cut so you wont really have to go up a size. The Womens fleece team hoodie on the other hand does tend to run a little big. So we recommend the ladies to go down a size if they choose to pick this hoodie up.

Women's UA Storm Armour Fleece Hoodie
$36.74 - $48.99 at Amazon

Mens UA Storm Armour Fleece Hoodie
$54.99 at Amazon

Women's UA Storm Armour Fleece.jpg
Mens UA Storm Armour Fleece.jpg

For the ladies out there looking for a hoodie or sweater for running then you should take a look at UA Storm Armour Fleece. Fleece fabric is finished with highly water-resistant UA Storm technology making this a great option for running in the morning when theres a slight drizzle or fog. This hoodie features stylish contrasting sleeves that will give you just the right amount of pop of color.  Just like before this hoodie does have a loser fit, so you might want to go down a size for this one as well. Under Armour also has a male variant of this hoodie that has a much more tapered design to it. Just like the womens version, the male hoodie is light weight and will repel light rain. One thing we did notice with both of these sweaters is that the bottom portion of the torso does seem to be a little wider than others. None the less, these hoodies run true to size for men and you wont need to size up or down.

Women's UA Armour Fleece Lightweight Full Zip
$64.99 at Amazon

Mens UA Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoodie
$55.99 at Amazon

Womens UA Storm Armour Fleece Lightweight Full Zip.jpg
Mens Under Armour Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoodie.jpg

If you're a guy looking to stand out in a crowd then Under Armour has you covered. The Storm Full Zip is a full zip sweater that uses a DWR finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability. This sweater is also one of the lightest on the list today, so its best you wear this if you know you're going to be very active outdoors. Other wise you will get a little chilly afterwards. This sweater only comes in two color waves, but they both look great and amazing in person. We did find this sweater had a more athletic cut to it so might want to go up a size. You ladies out there looking for an ultra light weight hoodie for running then you should look at the UA Storm Armour Fleece Lightweight Full Zip. This sweater rocks the UA Storm 1 cert which means its made to be water resistant. The Fleece construction delivers a brushed inner layer & a smooth, quick-dry outer layer. The Elastic binding at sleeves & hem assure this sweater stays in place while youre out running. Again, these sweaters do run a little big on women, so you'll want to size down on this one as well.

Women's UA ColdGear Infrered Popover
$79.99 at Amazon

Mens UA ColdGear Infrared Heavyweight Hoodie
$99.99 at Amazon

Womens UA ColdGear Infrared Popover.jpg
Mens Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Fleece Heavyweight Hoodie .jpg

For those who are looking for a hoodie or sweater to keep you warm in the coldest of weather no matter what then Under Armour ColdGear is the only way to go. For the ladies theres the UA ColdGear Infrared Popover.  The interior is a textured microfleece that traps heat for superior warmth. The infrared lining uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain body heat. This hoodie also has thumbholes keep sleeves secure & help seal in your body heat when youre out being active. This hoodies does have a relaxed fit so yet again you'll want to size up on this one too. For the guys, Under Armour has the ColdGear Infrared Heavyweight Hoodie. This is a full zip sweater with one job in mind, and thats to keep you warm. This sweater has been tested and shown to be effective in temperatures between 0° and 55° F.  The heavyweight, brushed fleece is soft on both sides & delivers superior warmth all around the body. Just like in the womens sweater, the infrared lining uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain body heat. This sweater also has secure chest & hand pockets with a right-side internal phone pocket. We did find this sweater had a more taliored cut to it so you might want to size up if youre a guy with some added muscle.

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