Under Armour Jackets - ColdGear Reactor Jacket Review

Since you guys loved our Under Armour Swacket Review we thought it would be a great next step to move on to the Under Armor ColdGear Reactor Jacket. In Under Armour fashionthis jacket is jam packed with more technology and innovations than you know what to do with. The GYMCADDY™ Team got a hold of these jackets and put them through their paces in Up-State New York. This is GYMCADDY’s review on the Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Jacket. 

Under Armour ColdGear Reactor
Mens Under Armour Reactor Jacket

First off lets see what $200 gets you here. The ColdGear Jacket comes in different colors for both men and women. You actually have more than 10 different color options to choose from here. These jackets do run a little big for a loser feel, so you might want to size down one if you like the slim cut look. The Reactor is filled with a new synthetic isolation material thats paired with fabric that Under Armor claims will “react” to you hence the name. Under Armour you’re so clever with your names. Bad joke aside Underarmor claims that this jacket will keep you warm when you’re stationary and will the “react” and wick away moisture away from your body and out of the jacket when you’re active again. The stitch lines on the jacket are also there for more than just ascetics. Thanks to being able to start and stop stitch lines where ever they wanted, Under Armour was able to directly target where they wanted their jacket to provide extra warmth, less warmth and extra breathability to certain parts of the body after looking at that the thermal properties of the human body. This jacket has been tested in temperatures between 0° and 55° F. The Reactor also comes included with Under Armour’s awesome MagZip zipper. The MagZip really helps prevent those frustrating times where your zipper just wont close. You can even zip your jacket up with one hand. Honestly for $200 we would expect the MagZip to be included on this jacket. 

Womens Under Armour Reactor .jpeg

The ColdGear Reactor is thin and light. The Reactor is so light weight you can even pack it into one of the inside chest pockets, making it a great option for camping. Yet, this jacket also features Under Armour’s Strom 2 technology which means its Highly Water-Resistant and Windproof. We were actually able to test both of these claims since we got caught in a downpour while out on our hike in Up State New York. With wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour, the Reactor had no problem combating the strong winds. We also found the Reactor had no problem keeping us dry with those strong down pours until almost the very end. After prolonged rain the Reactor was eventually defeated and allowed the water to best it. But the amount of rain the Reactor went up against was far more than other jackets of the same price range could have resisted. 

Stealth Gray Under Armour Reactor

The stitching and materials used in the Reactor gives us the confidence that this jacket is built to last no matter how you use it. Thanks to the lose cut design this jacket is roomy over all. One set back of this jacket is the narrow back and shoulders. So if you’re a guy or gal with a well developed back you’ll surely want to go up a size for this one. Thankfully, this jacket also allows for maximum range of movement and doesn't restrict your arm’s range of motion. Making this a great jacket for jogging. Keep in mind, since this jacket has a synthetic fill that Under Armour has been tight lipped about you'll want to dry clean this jacket just to be safe. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a winter jacket that looks great and has some unique flare to it then the Reactor is a great option thanks to it one of a kind stitching. If you’re looking for a light weight jacket that'll keep you dry in a down pour with with gusts of winds you should also consider this jacket. The Reactor will also keep you warm and wick away sweat when you’re hiking or jogging all while not restricting your natural range of motion. Overall the Under Armour ColdGear Reactor gets the GYMCADDY™ seal of approval. 

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