Our Secret On How To Get Bigger Arms

Everyone wants to know how to get bigger arms. Lets face it, when you’re wearing that polo you want your arms hugging the sleeves. But everyone at the gym has a different way to get big arms. Some people will even give you advice on how to grow just your biceps. But in order to get bigger arms you need to workout more than just your biceps. If you want big arms fast, GYMCADDY has you covered. This is our secret on how to get bigger arms. 

How to get bigger arms

In order to get bigger arms you want to focus on growing your triceps more instead of your biceps. As the name implies, the Tricep is made up of 3 different heads. While your Bicep is made up of just 2 heads. By nature, your Triceps are larger, stronger, and longer than your biceps. They take up more space on your arms. So it would make sense to focus to developing your triceps. But just because we’re telling you to focus on developing your triceps doesn't mean you should only workout your triceps when you go to the gym. 

In order to grow and muscle you need to focus on doing compound exercises that activate multiple muscles at once and encourage full range of motions. You shouldn't be a the gym for hours just doing isolation exercises one after another. By doing only insolation exercises on a specific muscle you will get no results and just waste your time. Instead try doing wide and or close grip dips, close grip bench presses, over head shoulder press, or even shoulder width push ups to grow your triceps. And if you want to develop your biceps you should focus on doing rowing motions like the bent over row, close grip row, hammer grip row, or even chin ups. In most cases your triceps will be stimulated on chest day and your biceps will be stimulated on back day. 

How to grow biceps
Tricep Anatomy

Compound Exercises are great for overall muscle growth and strength gains. But you can still sprinkle in some isolation exercises during or at the tail end of your workout. Isolation exercises like tricep extensions, or dumbbell curls should only be incorporated into a workout to stimulate your triceps and biceps. They shouldn't be the main focus of your workout. 

Big Arms Workout

When it comes to volume, its all dependent on how your body reacts to certain rep ranges. For the most part, people may need a higher amount of volume to get results. But don't get us wrong, some people can get plenty of muscle growth from a high intensity low volume workout plan. Below we have attached our high volume, moderate intensity arm workout plan. Give it a try!

Beginner Arm Workout

Standing Shoulder Press (Barbell or Dumbbell Is Fine)(DON’T Push With Your Legs) 

4 Sets Of 10 Reps To Failure

Super Set - Standing Shoulder Press (Barbell or Dumbbell Is Fine)(DON’T Push With Your Legs) Followed By Neutral Grip Pull Ups - 3 Sets Of 8 Reps Each

Super Set - Close Grip Barbell Bench Press Followed By Dumb Bell Lateral Raises ( Hold At The Top For 3 Seconds) 3 Set of 10 Reps

Arnold Press - 3 Sets of 10 Reps

DumbBell Skull Crushers - 3 Sets of 10 Reps

Super Set - Supinated Tricep Extensions (Hold At Bottom For 2 Seconds) Followed By Cable Bicep Curls (Hold At Top For 2 Seconds) 4 Sets of 10 Reps