What Is Pre Workout And Pre Workout Side Effects

So you’re serious about your fitness goals and you want every single advantage you can get! And now you’re considering getting a pre workout supplement. “But what is pre workout?” some people might be asking. Other people might be wondering if there are pre workout side effects. Other might even be wondering how to take a pre workout. Well don't worry we’ve got you covered! This is GYMCADDY’s advice on Pre Workout. 

Pre Workout

First up lets explain what a pre workout supplement does. Pre Workout is basically a supplement you take to help you preform better in your workouts. Pre Workout supplements will usually have a few ingredients like caffeine, creatine, trimethyglycine, beta alanine, and N.O. Boosters. These ingredients help increase energy, alertness, and fight off fatigue so you can workout harder and longer. Caffeine, Creatine, Trimethyglycine, Beta Alanine, and N.O. Boosters have been proven to work by scientific studies. But some Pre Workouts might also have other ingredients mixed in that don't work and are just in there for the sake of marketing.

So is Per Workout Safe? Well if you buy a per workout supplement from a reputable company and take the correct dosage then yes, Pre Workout should be safe for most people. A Pre Workout Supplement shouldn't be taken by someone who is very caffeine sensitive. A Pre Workout on average has the same amount of caffeine as 4 cups of coffee. Its also worth noting that the supplement industry IS NOT regulated by the FDA. And in some rare instances less honorable companies will included banned ingredients or even illegal drugs in their products. Take for example Jack3d and CRAZE both of these products were found to have banned ingredients and people suffered side effects. So before you buy, make sure you’re buying from a reputable company. Below are some pre workouts we like to recommend. 

In order to get the most out of your pre workout its best you take it when you first arrive at the gym and during your warm up. Don't chug the whole thing down, just sip on it. Just keep in mind just like other stimulants, you will eventually build up a tolerance. Thats why we always advise our clients to take a pre workout only when they need it. And if you do build a tolerance to your pre workout then you should refrain from taking it for at least a month no questions asked. Also, if you take your pre workout on an empty stomach the effects will be greater. And if you take a pre workout later in the day then going to bed at night might be a little harder. So try to get your workout in a little earlier .

Just remember, the main ingredient active in any pre workout is caffeine. All of the other ingredients are just added bonuses. So in that case if you want to save some money you can always just drink a cup of black coffee before your workout.